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About Oryonhunter

First and Foremost is my Family:

These are tha people that I love, try ta help, and will protect with my life. My family is EVERYTHING ta me...

I am mated ta tha smexy RosieHunter both in tha furry world and IRL. She is awesome and I love her with all of my heart!

Not too long ago, Rosie and I adopted a young Wolear by tha name of Atomisk. He's one of us now and is tha most awesomest kid ever. I wish I had ten more like him! Atom has a new mate, Arethusa, and she is also a wonderful person. It's an honor ta have her as a part of tha family! I love both of them like they were my own!

Speaking of children, my mate and I have welcomed our newest family members, tha twin babies Mason Oryon and Jasmine Rose ta our family. They were born early in tha morning on November 18, 2011. Now Atom and Are haz a little brother and sister!

Our extended family includes a few other furs. These are folks tha missus and I consider ta be Aunts and Uncles ta tha twins:

Very Important Note:

Ok everyone; here are a few ground rules from me and my mate. Please take note of my mateship status. Mated-closed means MATED-CLOSED. Due to the ridiculous amounts of offers and pushy folks, the answer is now NO. I wont yiff with anyone but my mate. Sorry folks. I would love to make new friends and be goofy, funny, supportive, etc in the chat room, but I wont "play" with anyone.

Some Gifts From my Friends:

This is a new sword given to me by my friend serlina! She's a northern sergal!

New sword


This is an amulet given to me by my friend, Lord Dreska. It allows me to control the elements of fire, water, ice, and gravity. All of its effects are ineffectual on living tissue, so it's not a weapon. I use it mostly these days to put out and clean up the messes from the twins!

Big Diamond

This is a diamond given to me by my magical buddy, Parattchi. He and his mate, SnufflesMcFox, are uber-cool and good friends! (BTW, this thing is tha size of a housecat!)

My Fursona:

Character Ref Sheet

Character Statistics:

Father: White Rhinoceros

Mother: American Cream Draft Horse

Height: 7' 11"

Weight: 484 lbs

Color: Dark cream fur with pink skin, chocolate eyes and a dark brown mane and tail with hints of eggplant. Dark grey skin on palms, horns, and the area of the hocks above the hooves.

General Description: Tall and massive, with thick, blocky body. Just a few too many pounds short of being ripped. Not fat, but not Adonis either. Short, soft fur covers everything but the palms, horns, and hooves. Eyes are bright and intelligent, set in a chunky, draft horse face adorned with traditional double rhino horns. Hair is a short semi-mohawk, running down the back of the thick neck and into a similar mane. Thick digitigrade legs end in shiny black hooves that are nearly a foot and a half in diameter. Hands are ten digits, stumpy but surprisingly agile.

Unique Characteristics: The hybrid genetics activated from the gene-therapy program have given him incredibly resistant skin. It's now equal to high-grade Kevlar or an armored variant. He is also ridiculously strong. Roughly similar to a fur or being several dozen times his size. Couple the skin with his unnatural musculature and you have the equivalent of a walking tank. These traits and a lifetime of combat training make him formidable. Thankfully he is a very peaceful person.

Personality: Slow moving but not slow-witted. Very intelligent, but not one to show it. Laid back, playful, and eager to meet new friends. Likes to interact with everyone. Very mindful of the feelings of others, but will hurry to defend a friend.

Backstory: Oryon grew up with his mixed-couple parents until the age of eleven. His mother re-married and gave him two additional siblings. He lived a fairly normal childhood, playing sports, going to school, and generally learning to grow up as a fairly unique hybrid. When he was seventeen, Oryon joined the Army and changed his world forever. During twenty years of service, the big hybrid had a son, got married twice, and saw action across the globe. Near the end of his time in service, Oryon was diagnosed with diabetes and discharged honorably from the service. During that time, he met and married the love of his life, Rosie. She is a wolfess with beauty, intelligence, and an honorable charm that quickly won his heart. Shortly after his marriage to the wolf, he was contacted by the Government and offered a slot in an experimental program to use gene-therapy to try to reverse the effects of his diabetes. Undergoing the treatment, Oryon's latent genetics activated, toughening his skin and giving him enormous strength. The program was immediately disbanded after other furs began to lose their lives. Being fortunate enough to live, Oryon removed himself from the program and returned to his civilian life and began learning to cope with his newfound traits, Sometime shortly after these genetic abnormalites surfaced, his mate experienced a genetic shift of her own. Her repressed feline traits surfaced, turning her into a hybrid of wolf and tiger. Recently the couple have expanded their family with a set of twins, born on November 18, 2011.

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Latest Journal posted 09 Jun 2013
Ugh. These last few weeks have been ridiculous. I'm pulling more things at work, and at home, and everywhere in between. I HAVE started on tha next chapter of my "Unexpected" series. I work on it when I can, both on my computer and my smartphone. I'm a few pages in, and I've re-written it twice already!

Oh well, I hope ta have it done sometime soon. Wish me luck! And energy! And inspiration! And ... I'll shut up now. Gonna go write a little...

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StGeorgesHorse 3 weeks ago
Thanks for the Fave big guy! Hope the job is going well!
VinchenzoTheJackal 2 months ago
You have great artwork, and you have relatively interesting stories... you are really talented!
StGeorgesHorse 3 months ago
Dude! You've been offline a while. Everything OK?
SnowblindOtter 5 months ago
Thank you very much for the favorite. It is greatly appreciated!
lorddarke 6 months ago
Hi. If you want, you can go to Drunk duck and look at the comic. here is the URL: tHANKS! Ed.
StGeorgesHorse 6 months ago
Hey! Thanks for all the comments! Much appreciated!
librios 6 months ago
Not a problem at all.
Wolfguide 8 months ago
I was wondering when you were going to get back to the characters of skin deep as you said once before that you would. You hinted that it would not be set in the same place, but that we would see more from them.
Oryonhunter 8 months ago
Bout half a chapter inta tha new story in Skin Deep, but I set it ta tha side fer a while ta get "Unexpected" outta my head. Now work is eatin up all my time and I can't write anywhere! Ugh!

Don't fret tho. I'm gonna get back ta tha writin as soon as I can.
Dragon of lore 9 months ago
Hey Oryon, been a while since i read your work (Skin Deep) and i looked you up last night. By joe you've done it again with Unexpected, bringing such a loving romance and proving language barriers can't stop love. I read to part 4 last night at almost 3am cause i just couldnt put it down except by sheer exhaustion. Finished the 5th chapter this morning and can't wait for another story to spring into that noggin of yours to feast my literature soul on.

Write On! \m/ ^.^
capthavoc123 9 months ago
Thanks for watching!