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I am Ephemeral, or Ephy for my friends, a 6 foot Flamedarmon with tattoos and angelic wings, a single earring and a thin, wiry build :D

I do sometimes become a mischevious otter, generic and brown, from time to time. lately i'm more otter-y, believe it or not. (what with my depression. ;3)

Irl i am 22. I am able, and quite good at, helping anyone in trouble of any kind, so feel free to MSN/IM me whenever you need a "counselor," friend, or just someone to talk to!

Free stories available! :) just PM me and they'll be done in order they were received.


I like making friends : D

Thank you!

species Flamedramon/Snow Leopard/ottie (whichever I feel like)
gender male from Junction City, Kansas, United States
loves 69, Anthro, BDSM likes Athlete, Blues, Bodypaint tolerates Aqua Sex, Solo hates Autofellatio, Babyfur, Bisexual
76 submissions 43,573 page views 532 comments received 1,727 comments posted 10,996 profile views
groups   All Male Gayness
  Tentacles on Males

Latest Journal posted 20 Mar 2014

My back hurts, unlike my heart.

Frozen solid, riddle with scars and hurt.

The pain never leaves me, always present in its dull form.

Years of abuse and drought, pages and books torn.


I'd hoped to be a well of life, of hope and encouragement.

Empathic structure of sustenance, of a cure for entanglement.

It has run dry quite a while, filled with manure and denree.

Lest it flowed like the Nile, without decore and for free.


The rain does not come, tributes irregardless.

The pain does not stay, bottomless well of refreshments.


Providence and care, love and affair.

Tear and smears, resistance and tears.

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Io 5 months ago
Woooof! XP
Martin Barnes 11 months ago
*pokes with foxxxyness*
Ephemeral_Dreams 7 months ago
ey :3 you alright? :o we wanna hear from you. let us know! :D
ChazThePanwere 11 months ago
Hey I've been grid locked till recently. I've been trying to finish your Raffle winnings. When you get a chance can you send me a msg so I can finish the details?
Ephemeral_Dreams 11 months ago
:3 hello.
what sort of detailz? :O believe we left it somewhere near sketch and i went to zzz's.
ChazThePanwere 11 months ago
I know lol I feel so bad. I'm trying to draw it out cause the old one I did on livestream sucked but I cant remember how he was suppose to look.
Ephemeral_Dreams 11 months ago
=O I believe I was asking for a snow leppy? (or otter. :o)
blue eyes with an earr piercing (just a ring) and the usual whiskers, cute-looking :3.
ChazThePanwere 11 months ago
It was a Snow lep. and ok normal i thought it was like with a mohawk or something lol silly me. what side ear pierce?
Ephemeral_Dreams 11 months ago
Left ear! :3.
and any other cute things you can think of :O
like a face doing=P?
Atlas86 1 year ago
Thank you for watching and supporting me for the past 3 years, and I hope we'll have many fun, sex-filled years in the future.
Ephemeral_Dreams 1 year ago
no problem :) hope yours is filled with happiness and truth. kudos to you for shouting out to all your watchers :o
Shiuk 1 year ago
Dicks for everyone! :D
Ephemeral_Dreams 1 year ago
i can have one? yay!
TigerZero 1 year ago
I know this is a late responce. Thank you for checking out my Dark Flamedramon avatar. And I see you like some of Kendo's stories. He has a new Prince of the Hill posted where Gielle, (The flamedramon), and Alex, (the lion/dragon mix), have their first yiffing. Check it out. I especially like the ending when Alex's dad finds out and is very accepting of it.
Ephemeral_Dreams 1 year ago
hehe. of course :3 it's fine. i love flamies =D
and yep. been a fan and avid watcher of said kendo. though i don't think he likes me poking him with stuff anymore.. =(
geneseepaws 1 year ago
Enigmatic. You are an intriguing unknown quantity. I shall consider your generous offer.
Ephemeral_Dreams 1 year ago
O,v,O? *is a bit confused* >v< herro dar! what is this offer you speak of? :o
Duffin 1 year ago
*pounce and glomps in thanks for the watch*
Ephemeral_Dreams 1 year ago
is pounced and glomped* X_X
Duffin 1 year ago
Ephemeral_Dreams 1 year ago
O.O hax! you can't win from kittyglomping!
Duffin 1 year ago
*can too! is a fox*
Ephemeral_Dreams 1 year ago
nuh uh! ima scary catz!
Vincent Banks 1 year ago
Heya! Thanks for accepting my friend request! I am a HUGE fan of digimon and snow leopards! I would love to know more about you Ephy, so send me a PM and we can talk about all kinds of stuff, new furry friend! *Hugs tightly* Btw, my name's Vince.
Ephemeral_Dreams 1 year ago
eeek! *squirms* sorry. i dont check this much >_< i respond better to PM'd!
Io 1 year ago
Wishing you & yours the best of the holidays
Merry Christmas! *Hugs, Nuzzles & Licks* ^__^
Ephemeral_Dreams 1 year ago
:o Thanks a lawts!
I'll try ma besths!

*eeks and squirms, waggity poofy tailz*