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About KC naga

i am KC. i own a bar called Blackout (( . i named it that because when i first bought the bar and was fixing it up, the power kept going out on me
you my join if you want too. more the merrier
i am lamia
i am 14 feet tall total (7 ft slides on the ground and 7 ft stands up)
i am DD cup
my hair is fiery red
my blood red eyes stare at you
my lower body is scaled in purple
my long forked tongue has a piercing in it
my venom is a aphrodisiac, it makes lady's wet and guys hard. make the bitten happily and kind of drunk

if you want to know more ask me.

~her past~
while i was growing my father had us living off then land just me and him. i don't know what happened to my mom and siblings. we moved around a lot he acted like we were being hunted by something but i never found out what. one day he disappeared on me and never came back. then hunter may have gotten him or he left to safe. while i waited for him to return i was attacked by a bandit outside the little camp i set up. the bandit raped me and beat me to the point of near death. i laid there and watch the bandit leave before i passed out. i woke up in a small town as what helped by the elder of the town. i worked hard in the town and saved up the money to take care of myself and start a job of my own.

shadowfur: gold ring with a gemstone the color of your scales embedded in it

Randall Ranger

Myrrik Silvermane
~a soft violet velvet choker, with a silver horseshoe embroidered at the throat
~has a bite mark from her master


~randall's kids (hatched 8/21/11)~

Boy - karith - raccoon with a scaly belly but other than that normal coon until you see his tongue
Boy - sareth - lamia but his body is all brown and patterned like a coon on his tail
Boy & girl - (g) tiana, (b) talis - raccoon body, lamia half but all brown

~Shadowfur (hatched 4/18/12)~

name=Sirra/cub with a skunk panther top and naga bottom with skunk colors
name=Darren/chakat with scales instead of fur matching hir sires scale color
name=Brooke/full naga with skunk colorations
name=Freya/chakat with purple fur
name=Talia/skunk panther top with a naga bottom with red scales and fur

~Myrriks son born (6/13/12)~

he has the body of myrrik and coloring but the little one had some bits of purplish hue in places on its body, the tail was flame red. nears the hooves there was brown scales. on his chest right next to his heart as a scaled birth mark of a horse shoe


Isabelle nighthawk

Veirsen the Halfbreed
~he is a wonderful winged werewolf, i am will fight beside him if someone tries to hurt him~

**wonderful lost mate**

species lamia
gender female
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playfullfox 4 months ago
naga i love nagas
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Hey wanna rp? Please pm me, id love to rp with you.
scarletfurry223 6 months ago
You start the rp ok?
scarletfurry223 6 months ago
Do you rp?
KC naga 6 months ago
scarletfurry223 6 months ago
Wanna rp?
Beowulf1990 2 years ago
Hey yourself :)
KC naga 2 years ago
how are you
Beowulf1990 2 years ago
Doing ok, thanks for asking :)

How are things on your end?
KC naga 2 years ago
i am good
Achelladuega 2 years ago
Thanx for the fav.
Artamis MoonStriker 2 years ago
hi kc
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Hey! Remember me
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Thanks for the watch!! I really appreciate it ^^
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thank you kc ^^
KC naga 2 years ago
your welcome dear