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Latest Journal posted 31 Jul 2013

Finally have access to my normal account again. Thank GOD. *curls up happily in his own skin*

Now I can delete my temporary account... But first...

*ports over all the new faves and watches*


GabrielClyde 2 months ago
*random stallion hugs*

You still here Monsieur?
GabrielClyde 7 months ago
Thanks so much for the watch!

Tristan Black Wolf 8 months ago
Thank you for watching, and for the "fave" for "Full Contact," my good fox! Welcome to my Imaginarium... I hope that my work continues to entertain you!
BPanthress 9 months ago
Thanks for the watch!
Dog-Paws 9 months ago
Thanks so much for the fave :3
Eightane 11 months ago
Thanks for likin', man. What you said it inspired was what it's all about. >:3
djauric 11 months ago
actually, i have something for you... but i cant post here on SF, so i'll link you here in a few.
Hufnaar 11 months ago
Always glad that someone is watching me :) Thank you!
Greaves 11 months ago
Thanks for the watch and faves. Glad you enjoyed.
Onyx Tao 11 months ago
Hello MonsieurFoxy --

And for the watch which, I regret to admit, I just now noticed :-|

Much good wishes on the upcoming surgeries in July and October! May your sight be better than when you started!

Onyx Tao