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I write sometimes, a lot really... I just never post stuff that I have until I finish it anymore, so that's why there is pretty much nothing there. I am sorry for that, and if you want to see my new/in the works stuff, check out my Writing Blog. Everything new/unfinished is posted there, at least, the stuff I want to post...

Tiny bit about me: I'm 23, been in the fur fandom for nearly 13 years at this point, and goofy as all hell. I kinda see life as something that needs to be lived and enjoyed, rather than just slogged through. I wish I could live my life the way I see it most days, but that's the cost of being an adult I suppose. Either way, I am quite the friendly wolfdragon, so don't hesitate to say hi and whatnot, as I will definitely say hi back... If I am not busy and whatnot. Also, I love fatties; the fatter the better. Seriously.

I also love fursuiting, and currently have 4 fursuits. My suits are:

Riley by Featherhead

Pads by LVW

Cerval by Rubbertex and OMGPineapples

Sasuke (No pic yet :( ) by UchihaFox

Note, IM, and comment friendly, I just work full time so I may not be entirely punctual getting back to you. Thanks for viewing my profile <3

Commission Prices - Closed Temporarily

Speedwrites - Always Open

FatFur Anthology Details - Looking for Writers!

-Update for 10/18/13 - This is my current, FULL workload for stories! If you are on this list, I will be getting to it... If not, ask!-

Speedwrite Queue : -Open!-


Story Commissions - Closed Temporarily:

Rovest - Found by Ancient Tribe - WG/Servant Story - Part 2 not started

John Lobo - Monsterous Wolf Test Subject - Started, Just getting it off the ground

Dayken and Range - Gamer Gaining - Started, About 1/3rd done

Kaji - Fatty Beach Day - Not Started

Res - Immobile Slob Panther - Not Started

Rykken - Fat Doctoring - Not Started

-Closed Temporarily-

Trades - Ask:

Marillon954 - Fatty Stuffs - Not Yet Started

Juano - Musclechub Growth - Started, about 1/4th done


Requests - Closed:

Sai - Kai and Sai drama - Started somewhat

Zero - Fattening Gym - Not Started


Personal Projects:

Fat Bunny Story - Faaat - Started, dunno when I'll get to it

Backstory of all 8 of my Characters - Somewhat Started, progress will not be displayed

Armadillo Story - Fatty and Inflation Stuff - Started, Working on it slowly

Colabs - Open:

Working on something with TalonWing


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Latest Journal posted 07 Feb 2014

To bid or to just look at the whole thing, go here: http://www.furaffinity.net/journal/5486161/

So! I am shamelessly stealing this idea from a friend as it is a brilliant idea, though I am throwing my own twist on it! I am going to do the ABC's of smut, and auction off the letters to those that want them! Each letter starts at 5 USD for a half hour speedwrite, and then goes up a dollar from there. If a letter passes 12 dollars the speedwrite will be moved up to an hour, and if it passes 25 dollars it will be a full-blown commission with the page-count growing accordingly (That will be discussed in private with the winner). 

The Rules

- Bidding starts the moment this journal goes up and ends on February 15th at 12AM EST

- Reply to a bid ONLY to place your bid. 

- Bidding goes up in increments of 1 USD

- You can bid on as many letters as you want, whatever fetish you want for that letter. 

- Make sure to put the fetish/subject in the bid unless you want it pr...

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froadrickjnr 3 months ago
hay man , any stories coming tonight?
sasukewuff 3 months ago
Sorry, nothing for the new year. Do have a couple things that need editing and then I can post them though.
froadrickjnr 6 months ago
hay man thanks for accepting my friend request
Inazuma_Okami 7 months ago
Still waiting for FA to come back from read only?
sasukewuff 7 months ago
That, and I have a super bad ear infection that has made doing anything impossible.
Inazuma_Okami 7 months ago
Oooo, I'm sorry to hear that. Try a neti pot, maybe it'll flush your sinuses and relieve some of the pressure.
sasukewuff 7 months ago
I'm gonna head to the store to see what I can find. I /should/ have something today for ya, but yeah... Been sick as a dog since the meet last Friday.
Inazuma_Okami 7 months ago
Hopefully you find something good! and take your time!
Attaboy 1 year ago
Love your work!
Hanu Zeoxis 1 year ago
Thankies so~~~ much for accepting my friend request. 8D <3
bahamut6sic6 1 year ago
Okay, thanks man! I just wanted an update is all. Thank you.
sasukewuff 1 year ago
Sure! I'll post an update here sometime soon!
bahamut6sic6 1 year ago
Cool! thanks man!
bahamut6sic6 1 year ago
Hello! I'm writing in regards to my commission.
bahamut6sic6 2 years ago
That's okay man, at least your keeping me posted just take your time with. Can't wait to read it though :)
clockwork22 2 years ago
umm i lost my other password so im now blackcat22 not blackcat42
blackcat42 2 years ago
on writing.com there is a storie of digimon weight gain