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About Shadow Demon


Name: Shadow Demon
Nick: Shadz
Race: Wolf
Age 20
Weight: 190
Gender: Male
Eyes: Blueish red
Sexual Orientation: Bisexual yet leans towards males
Height: 5"7'
Tail: 3 foot

Public and whisper friendly. ^^

My fursona is a wolf, I know typical and not original at all but it's taken me 6 years to choose the color pattern and everything for Shadow Demon. He has a red chest, belly, groin, thighs, and his rump has a heart shaped red fur pattern, and then the underside plus the tip of his tail is red, his sides are black, as well as his legs, head, and the sides of his tail. The top of his tail has the pride colors on it, his eyes are a bright baby blue color, his ears are a light blue as well as his paws and feet. He has some white on his muzzle which gives it away that he is blushing and his hair is a light gray color but he tends to dye it depending on how he feels and on the season as well. He is gay and he is about like me in every way but he has the nice and fit body that the real me doesn't have.

Sexy Handsome Adonis Undertaking NeckingSexy Handsome Adonis Delivering Orgasms and WorshipDreamboat Exchanging Matchless Orgasms and Necking

Alternate forms:

Chubby bear herm
Azure dragon herm
Husky herm
Pure white wolf male
Typhlosion male

species Black and red wolf
gender male from Norman, USA
loves Afghan hound, Anaconda, Anime likes Albino, Amphibian, Apophysis tolerates Alien, Anatomically Correct, Bee hates Donut, Political, Rebellion
13 submissions 6,123 page views 53 comments received 34 comments posted 19,972 profile views
groups   All Male Gayness
  Tentacles on Males


JordanUnicorn 11 months ago
A_r_t_h_u_r 2 years ago
thanks for fav=3
Raven_Foxx 2 years ago
My my hello thar shads
Duo Theus 2 years ago
~slaps the males rear~ "Everyone gets at least one"
DJ R@!nbow 2 years ago
i added u on skype.
Yukigo Kurosaki 2 years ago
You remind me of my mate, he's a winged wolf. <3
Steve Fox 3 years ago
sup buddy see you around hit me up any time
originalWOLF 3 years ago
btw, thanks for the vote, I got 2 more to upload, and 2 have been posted since. Enjoy!!
Vincent the Fox 3 years ago
Welcome to Walmart.
Suiraqua 3 years ago
How's it going? Hope you didn't mind my...uh, rather stingy review. BUT you asked for it, and I don't sugarcoat my reviews. :-) Hope things are going well, hun.