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Greetings from Germany!

This dragon aims to bring you stories for your reading pleasure (mainly German, but if I get my lazy ass up I'll try my best at translating them).

I'm open for critique, but keep in mind: No slagging, keep it nice!

See ya!

P.S.: I don't bite, feel free to chit-chat a little bit with me if you want to ^^
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Latest Journal posted 23 Nov 2010

My new story "Liquorish Graduation" is now translated, proofread and uploaded.

Thanks a lot to the beta readers pointing out mistakes and typos. Without your help this could have turned out ugly ;)

To everyone else: enjoy the story and tell me what you think about it :D


Killerbunnys 4 years ago
Thanks for the fav :3
Lyk 4 years ago
danke dir für die favs:)
DJ Darkfox 5 years ago
is iwie langweilig hier, wenn meine bilder so viele klicks haben, warum commentiert und/oder favedn dann s owenige hier? XP
Dark-LightWolf 5 years ago
Danke fuer 5*, fav und Watch

PS: Ich bin auch immer mal fuer ein Schwaetzchen zu haben

PPS: Wenn du nach einen netten Drachen suchst, dann sieh mal unter dem User-Namen ~Naraku~ nach.

Gruss D-LW
Loid Zhander 5 years ago
thanks for the fave!