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One of the few zebras in the Air Force. You can call me the Zeeb. I love to write and role play, but drawing is beyond my capabilities. You'd have to talk to my mate about that one! Feel free to shoot me a line if you have a story or role play idea.

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Latest Journal posted 26 Feb 2013

Its been a little over ten months since I placed my other journal entry. A lot has happened in that time. My little foal mare is nearing bis first birthday and my enlistment in the military is due for renewing come july. With so many things to keep track of, writing has taken a back seat for me. I cannot continue the Serendipity series because of a lack of enthusiasm and losing all of my notes some time ago. I deeply apologize to anyone that enjoyed what material I did create for that story, it just isn't in the cards. 

As good as my life is there are too many factors that cause me stress and destroy my creative writing abilities and mood regularly. Its not a forevermore turn of events, i just have way too much on my mind. Eventually I will take to pen and paper again in the future.

When that day comes what would those of you who like my work enjoy seeing? A fresh story, an, expansion onsomething older?  A new fan fic? Perhaps a commissioned story? What are your thoughts?

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kaleemmcintyre 2 years ago
Will you be writing anything new this year?
Zeeb 2 years ago
Well i have a new foal and such to work with first. What did u want to see more of?
kaleemmcintyre 2 years ago
Personally, I wanted to see more of that story between those two military guys, the wolf and that human. Always wanted to know what's that wolf's background story. <3
Zeeb 2 years ago
Well! Its good to see there is still interest in my writing and stories. It is certainly within my power and if more comes to me then i shall certainly pen more of It No Longer Applies. Delving into wolfy's background could be fun for you and the other fans of my work. Anything you might like to see added overall? Drama, violence, other characyers, deaths...or maybe everyone just getting to go home safely?
kaleemmcintyre 2 years ago
Personally, I'm looking for characterization and detailed background information. It isn't every other boy/pup that decides to join the military so I'm wondering what drove our hero wolf into the service. Also, maybe something with his former sexual escapades because I can't imagine him wanting to join up just for the chance to ogle the studs in, his barracks. Considering the Don't ask, Don't tell policy, and general disconcerted feelings for homosexuality in the ranks of the military, why did wolfie choose to enlist and what about that human makes him so...amorous? These things are important in a story universe!
Duo Theus 2 years ago
~slaps the males butt~ Everyone gets at least one, and you're welcome
Zeeb 2 years ago
Ack!...thanks, now my rump will be sore when i go running or sitting. Whats a zebra to do!
Master Sgt Duncan 2 years ago
Your welcome. ^^
SMWolf 2 years ago
Thanks for the Fave!
Cristaleyes 2 years ago
Thanks for the fav even if it's for you, I very appreciated :)
Cristaleyes 2 years ago
And for the watch ! *hug*
Ashpaw 2 years ago
Thanks for the fave! <3
Stinkdog 3 years ago
Well thanks so much!

Fun Facts: all of the adventurer characters mentioned in that short story were actual characters that I and my friends played in college D&D games including the monk Jeegan, who actually did have a romantic relationship with my cleric Karex in game. My friend Matt, who played Jeegan, and I never actually dated though. lol Also, some of the traps in the second chapter were traps that I used on players when I ran games as well. I'm really glad you liked it. :3
Zeeb 3 years ago
Yeah it was a really good read. I was thinking about something else as well. Are you at all interested in doing a pen-pal set up for a D&D set up at all? I barely get to play nowadays and something like that sounds like a lot of fun to me. Interested?
Stinkdog 3 years ago
unfortunately, I wouldn't have the time to do something like that with my current work schedule. I've tried it in the past with my friends from college who used to play and it always just withered after a while because people were sidetracked with real life. :/
Raamses 3 years ago
Could we hopefully get a sequel to Diamonds in the Rough? =D
Dakota Lesmercy 4 years ago
Great Stories! <3

FluffyPony 4 years ago
try look up sijon on FA; he's an interesting stripey to talk to, though he prefers teh bois ;)