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I am a 23 year old male artist located out of northern Florida, who enjoys art and experimenting with such. I am a currently enrolled student at a nearby college, going for a degree in Graphic Design.


Well, I'm really hardly the best artist out there, not having as much experience, talent, etc as the others. But, if you really want to pay me to draw something for you, or do something reciprocal like an art trade, I'm open to such.

Free Arts?
No, sorry. Don't have the time these days, and when I do draw it is with purpose as well as my down time.

Where can I see you draw?

Over here:
Password: 'ontosketching'
Please, like porn, be legal. I don't usually draw mature stuff, but have been known to on occasion ;)

Forgive the poor sound though, I should just totally leave it out and comment as needed.
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  An important note in addition to this guide, is that if you SEND money to an artist, should he/she not send an invoice, is that unless you are getting an actual physical commission, such a traditional art, plushie, etc, you are purchasing a SERVICE from the artist, not GOODS. With digital art and stories, you're paying them for their time and service, not for the creation of a 3-D object. Paying someone to write a story is a SERVICE, paying someone to make a physical book for you is purchasing a GOOD.

Not mine, ganking this from RedBeanViolin over on FA, because it's useful as hell for all comissioners/comissionee's.

How to use Paypal for comissions:

Paypal 101

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