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I'm a professional artist that lives in Southern California. My expertise in art includes many forms, from traditional media and digital media to sculpture designs and logo designs. While my main focus is fantasy and realistic setting, I have had a lot of experience in commercial logo designs and theme designs for websites or storefront and product designs.

I enjoy bringing fantasy and imagination to life with a twist or unique interpretation. I often put shapes and colors of those ideas and concepts on my computer screen and, long before that, traditional watercolor and markers and color pencils. I have also started to express them in sculptures as well in my product lines called the Merfle Munchies.

On top of drawing, sketching, painting, and sculpting, I also enjoy artistic cooking, like decorative and themed cookies, photography, and jewelry-making. I like to unleash myself from strictly using one set of tools and expand my love of arts in all forms.

On that note, I am always available for merchandise or brand product design commissions. I have had a lot of success in designing my own products and publications such as art collection and tutorial books.

You can find my online gallery and store at my website:

Other stores of mine include Merfle Munchies Collectible dragon sculptures:

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gender female from Los Angeles, USA
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TheGoldenUnicorn 1 year ago
Wow. Your art is amazing!

Tornado 2 years ago
You had 666 watchers. Felt that needed to be fixed for the better.
Sixthleafclover 2 years ago
Alathazar Sajuuk 2 years ago
Just added a watch for ya. Seriously, you are brilliant. :3

This is just phenomenal work! You should try to submit a few of these to Wizards of the Coast. Seriously. If you could sell a few of these to them, they'd more than certainly take a serious look over a few of your future creations. :D Heck WotC manages all that DND stuff too so, why not? Be recognized better overall IMO.

Again, love your stuff. Is it okay if I save the pics to my machine? I feel artwork like this needs this kind of legitimate request. >.<
Sixthleafclover 2 years ago
Sure, go ahead.
Your art my dear is the kid to be framed up on a wall not left on a computer. It's just too awesome!!!
Alathazar Sajuuk 2 years ago
Your artwork is bar-none the best I've ever seen. :D And I've seen some pretty damn good drawings and artwork surrounding dragons over the past decade. :D
Toumal 3 years ago
Always a pleasure to see your latest creations here on SF ^_^
Spidey008 3 years ago
I could dare say you are either equal to or even better than Boris Vallejo and Julie Bell. But that's just me.
Kaleidoscope 3 years ago
Your entire gallery is utter win.
I must stalk you from now on. <3
Alyx Z Ranas 4 years ago
*Gasps* No way! One of my favorite artists is here!!!
arune 4 years ago
i just spent almost an hour and half going through all your art and i can honestly say i enjoyed every second of it!! i rarely comment on art but i just couldn't help myself in your case. (sorry there's so many!!) ^^ you're hands down one of the best furry artists i've ever seen, and almost all of it isn't even yiff, and that's just fine!! thank you for the experience!! ^_^