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Well :D I would be more than willing to write story containing specific characters /scenes / settings on command, just leave something in the shoutbox and ill see what i can do!

About me

Age: 17

Hobbies: Gaming, photography, getting drunk.

The dilema: I like furry?

Five things that annoy me the most:
5: Birthday cards that arn't all that funny.
4: Burnt cakes
3: Being away from a computer: well atleast im honest :P.
2: Being kept in the dark about something.
1: Balamori

Five things that make me happy:
5: Home made dognuts =].
4: Smelling a brand new book/magazine.
3: Photography / Travelling. I guess that makes it travel photography :P
2: Killing baby seals... joke, Being with family friends.
1: Being generous.


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Latest Journal posted 22 Jun 2008
First Journal =].

I recently made a story, however i was thinking of writing another one. This time i want it to contain illustrations, however the problem being i can't draw. If any artists would like to undertake this task, it would be all my pleasure to write the yiff to go with the pictures. Im willing to trail off lions onto many different subjects [im open to suggestions].

Any ideas greatly appreciated. You seem like a very nice community from the constructive comments i got so far on my current story [Pridelands].

Anyway, if your interested post a comment and ill get back to you asap.


XeeTaah 4 years ago
Thank you for listening my songs ^^!
Koedi 5 years ago
Yep, I'm still interested in drawing for your story =3
Luciddream 5 years ago
ok! :D. well this is kinda awkward i fink yiffstar needs a PM system. lmao, what kinda story u wanna materialise?
Luciddream 5 years ago
first shout =].