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Standard black fox, 5'9". Equipped with the means to kill in one hundred and sixty five ways. I'm a writer, love the stuff, can't get enough of it. One thing I've followed all my life is that everyone and everything has a story, what's yours?

Got something to say? No one around to hear it? Doesn't mean no one's listening, if you want to discuss anything, hit me up.

species Black Fox thats extra fuzzy and flies apparently...
gender male
loves Ambient, Anal, Anthro likes 69, 8-bit, Abduction tolerates Amnesia, Industrial, Never Seen Sex Act hates Abuse, Babyfur, Ball Slapping
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Latest Journal posted 12 Dec 2011

I'll start by saying thank you to those who take the time to read this.

 Update on life as I know it. Holidays are here, and they're killing me. Yes like a soul siphoning warlock decked out in retarded gear from a game I no longer play, they are draining my life so that they can store it in a shiny pink gem. I hate people, I hate retail, and I hate how lazy I've been for the most part of a year or so. Currently I am trying to finish the next chapter of The Cycles sereis, slow but steady progress. My mind is bombarded by so many differnt ideas that I find myself starting so many stories just to either forget about them or just totally ditch them because I am too lazy to write more than two pages. If you're one of the more concerned citizens about my Cycles series, this next chapter is, and I assure you, being finished hopfully within this year. I have over 6 pages written which is much longer than the last few chapters I've put out. I'm trying to detail all the perspectives as well as add a few ...

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Sigurd Whitetail 1 month ago
haven't spoken to you in a long time, i still miss you though...its Rob btw
Baikal 1 year ago
Hey there!
Been a while, so what is going on here?
You doin' well?
ArinLin18 2 years ago
icon brought me here :3 cute
Sen32 2 years ago
which one :3
ArinLin18 2 years ago
the grey cartoon one :3
laserslutboy 2 years ago
so a storyperson?
Sen32 2 years ago
Hmm, a story person.... are you asking if I am? And if so, are you saying I like to read stories, or write them, or both? Further more it could mean I am a person who is a story? That would be weird, I might have read a story like that, or perhaps I should write one...hehe. Yes I guess you can call me that. Are you a laser that is a slut and a boy? ;P
Volpale 2 years ago
:O!!!!! My long lost twin mayhaps? Obviously one of us must die now
Sen32 2 years ago
LynxStyle 3 years ago
woah o.0 where did this box thingy come from
Iscin 3 years ago
I want to believe you are a good little fawxie.
Iscin 3 years ago
Are you a good fawxie?
Sen32 3 years ago
noooo..I'm a horrible fawxie
Iscin 3 years ago
Haha, silly fawxie.
mugman 3 years ago
tottally forgot about this place lol and it needs a dam good clean *runs a hoof finger down the door* very dusty *hoovers and dusts the dust then empty's the bin and sweeps off leaving some cookies* i think that's what he liked not sure brains getting old *lights up and smokes while sweeping away*
Sen32 3 years ago
*makes the cookies disappear and leaves a small note on the cleaned floors saying "Just a little longer"*
mugman 3 years ago
just a lil longer? wonder what that means oh well
Nekoli Snow Leopard 3 years ago