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About Blitzkrieg the Dragon

Greetings! I am Blitzkrieg, your typical Western dragon. I write shit from time to time. Consult my gallery if you're interested. I've noticed a lot of gay/bi males on the site like to call me "hun." I know it's a term of endearment, and I don't want to come off as a homophobe, but I find that highly disturbing, and would prefer that guys not address me as such. Thank you.

I took a personality disorder survey. Isn't it great how many ways you can be messed in the head? xD

Disorder Rating
Paranoid: Moderate
Schizoid: Moderate
Schizotypal: Low
Antisocial: Low
Borderline: Low
Histrionic: Moderate
Narcissistic: Moderate
Avoidant: Low
Dependent: Low
Obsessive-Compulsive: Low

-- Personality Disorder Test --
-- Personality Disorder Information --

It's taken me a long time to decide my political alignment. Might be because I'm kinda spineless, I dunno. This is close to where it falls generally, it seems. Social Liberal on political map

species Western Dragon
gender male from The Democratic People's Republic of Mydikinurass
loves 70s, Alligator, Anatomically Correct likes 69, 80s, Alien tolerates BBW, Hybrid, Industrial
31 submissions 98,142 page views 2,362 comments received 6,992 comments posted 53,288 profile views
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Latest Journal posted 13 Feb 2014

325 years ago today (well, tomorrow for me yet), Parliament declared Mary Stuart and William of Orange co-rulers of England and Ireland. Just wishing you guys a happy anniversary! Okay, so maybe it's not all that happy for the Catholics, but still...

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DrXeno 1 year ago
No problem! I'm here for the community. :D
DarkOverord 2 years ago
Yonks late, but thanks for the favourite and the comment \o
Mrs.Devora fang 2 years ago
Thanks fav and vote:)
Nikothraa 2 years ago
Thanks for the fave and vote!
Blitzkrieg the Dragon 2 years ago
No problem.
Thatninetailedfox 2 years ago
You probably don't remember me, But I remember you. You posted a comment on my first journal, where I said I wouldn't be posting any more "Adult" stories here.

" Get ready to have NO watchers. Most people are here to get off, unfortunately v.=.v I still respect what you're doing, kinda. Though a few people are total nay-sayers to an artist deleting their stuff."

You helped me in a few ways, one of which... kinda lead me away from this site, to a more story/less "get off" sorta site which helped me develop my creative writing... I also Got an A in a English Writing class :D up from my normal C ranking.

I recently accepted a weird story request, spent some time writing it, and posted, thinking only he would be interested in it.It contained only about 1/4 "Adult" material, the rest being the actual story.

To my surprise, people seemed to like it, this is encouraging me to continue my works, and I did promise to add adult segments of the story upon request.

Here is the Journal entry:

I did thank you with helping me come to this conclusion, if you wish I can remove your name from the journal entry.

I wish you the very best in bettering your life; It's not healthy to be overly obsessed with anything... I used to sit on the forums here for 14 hours a day, for months... before that, years of being addicted to Runescape lol...

If you wish to speak with someone in the fandom, not obsessed with all things "Yiffy" Send me a PM and I'll give you my IM contacts.

Good luck, and thanks.
Jacob King 2 years ago
Thank you for the favorite and perfect vote. Much appreciated, and I hope you're doing awesome on your road to being better.
Blitzkrieg the Dragon 2 years ago
Thank you to you as well! I am doing better already, as I'm spending more time enjoying this lovely weather we've been having.
Jacob King 2 years ago
I'm happy for you dude! Keep it up!
Blitzkrieg the Dragon 2 years ago
Thank you to you as well! I am doing better already, as I'm spending more time enjoying this lovely weather we've been having.
TriasTheDinoArtist 2 years ago
Hello There. Would you like to take my picture off that drgaon-female group? She's not a Dragon!
Blitzkrieg the Dragon 2 years ago
Could you link me? I didn't add it, and there's a large inflow into the group gallery.
TriasTheDinoArtist 2 years ago
It's not a bad thing though, but I don't know whether a dino belongs into a dragon-group ;):
Blitzkrieg the Dragon 2 years ago
Ah, I see it. Gah! Can't seem to figure out how to remove it. I'll have to shoot a message to Toumal to ask how I moderate. x3
Zelnyair 2 years ago
Just wanted to say hello

Let's stay friendly :P

(I mean that in the most innocent way, of course)
Thora 2 years ago
HI BLITZ! :D :D :D *wavewavewaves!*
Thora 2 years ago
Woah, do you have a different banner on your page than everyone else?!
Blitzkrieg the Dragon 2 years ago
That I do! ^.=.^ It used to be a desktop.
NightRaider214 2 years ago
thanks for fav :3