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Just a striped marsupial with stories filling his dreams that do nasty things as revenge unless he gets them out of his head.

Tentatively taking commissions, nothing too formal, if my muse really likes it I will do it for free, otherwise its a sliding scale from about $10 (chapter or two) $30 (up to 5-6 chapters) $50+ (if you want something epic)

I have a commission page up, or send me a message. Any stories written will be in first person perspective and will not have any snuff or cub in them (by that I mean in a sexual manner), anything else, as regular readers will know, is fair game.

Some wonder where I get my name from, and I have to say it is a song that just fits me.

Caution NSFW

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Latest Journal posted 19 Feb 2012

After having to wipe my browser cache one more time, I give up Sofurry.


From now on, I have adblock filter out all ||sofurryfiles.com/std/* content and block it. I love furry art, I adore the stories, but not enough that I am willing to be branded a paedophile for it or go to jail.

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TheXenoFucker 1 month ago
Thank you for the watch compatriot.
Darrow & Dumont 1 year ago
thank you for the watch
Neybulot 1 year ago
Hrm...I'd be interested in commissioning you, but I'm not sure if you'd do what I have in mind...
hey damaged? i hate to be picky but...getting a little sick of the flexible survival bent uve been on the last little while. id really like to see u getting back to Fox and her adventures....
ZanetheBlack 1 year ago
Ah. Another Flexible Survival fan. Best of fortune on you.
anthony stuart 1 year ago
Is more coming in the Robert and trish series?
Damaged 1 year ago
I don't think so. Our writing styles just kind of didn't work together when building a coherent story from the RP. Or that is how it felt.
Rathiz 1 year ago
since you use nano ref's i thought this might be fitting. look up Obsidia - Android song has a nice beat.
RioZL1994 1 year ago
Will there be more stories on the Nicole's suit stories?
Damaged 1 year ago
Hopefully. I work where my muse takes me :3

Thanks for the shout.
Z-Byte 2 years ago
Damaged 1 year ago
KlonoaPrower 2 years ago
Thankies for the watch! *lickies*