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:} My main page is on FurAffinity! I've only got a few things here. species Gryphon
gender male
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by Falcon McC...    5 years ago    


Toumal 2 years ago
Yo Bird! Long time no see! ;)
Bombird 3 years ago
I think I know you!
Swordsdragon 3 years ago
"Sweat and Sex" is incredible! :D
Einsam Schmetterling 3 years ago
Nice, um, pecker
Falcon McCooper 3 years ago
*giggles* Why thank you!
Levitas 3 years ago
What a sexy Gryphon that must i say ^^.
Seems that you got one watcher more O.o <33
Kitsune Warui 3 years ago
Mi'lord, someone knows how to make the girls salivate :3
Iscin 3 years ago
Hey man, glad to see you use SoFurry too ^.=.^ -watches-
Angel the vampiric 4 years ago
i saw you in a comic by forbidden fantasy fruit and only just found you, far to long love the work
BlackwingDragon 4 years ago
Sexy fuckable gryphon bird! *watches...and would certainly do more =3*
Mario64 4 years ago
thanks in the name of all 278 users who are watching you here (and the x number of users on furaffinity) keep up the good work!