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Hello everybody! I'm just a happy go lucky dog who loves great stories and art. Though I am not so talented my self. I can take a decent picture, but So Furry won't let you upload photos. I also love talking to and meeting new people, so feel free to drop me a message or IM me from on YIM or windows live.

OH and a shout out to my wonderful mate, Lurend Ulf. You can find him here. or here
species Dalmation
gender male
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Acro 1 year ago
You are most certainly welcome ^.~.^
NicodemusMountainWulf 2 years ago
The new SoFurry 2.0 will let you post whatever pics you take. Furry or not. Just thought you may want to know.
HolidayPup 2 years ago
welky friendly, I love dalmations
Dealer 2 years ago
What a coincidence! Me Too!
valereth 3 years ago
Hello and welcome to So Furry. Hope you like it here :D
Dealer 4 years ago
damn.. will i have to download the file in order to read it?
TheJaguar 4 years ago
I want to let you know that, due to the confusing nature of this site, I have discontinued publishing The New York Way on it. You can find the series on my FurAffinity page at