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About Kirek
I'm just a kindly, modest dragon with a passion for metal.

I'm also an avid writer when I have the time and am lucky enough to have a story on the Recommended Reading list. I specialize in writing heterosexual stories with lots of love and devotion, mainly with dragons. But I branch out from time to time.

I have loved and recently lost... which I guess is better than never to have loved at all.

But it still hurts...

If you happen to read a story of mine that you like, I urge you to leave a comment. It isn't necessary, but they always make me feel good and inspire me to keep writing.

Also, if you love metal as much as I do, give me a shout so we can chat.

02:39:04](>) maggot4life: *wishes Benji was here*
[02:39:16](>) Benji The Penguin: Wish granted! <3

05:23:44](>) Benji Kun: The Palm Sized Skunk Chris: maggot4life: <3
[05:24:21](>) maggot4life: The Palm Sized Skunk Chris: Benji Kun: <3
[05:25:26](>) The Palm Sized Skunk Chris: Benji Kun: maggot4life: <3
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species heavy metal dragon
gender male
loves Balls, Breast Sex, Cock Worship 82 submissions 123,146 page views 1,011 comments received 1,113 comments posted 22,153 profile views
groups   Dragon Females
  Scalies of SoFurry

Latest Journal posted 16 Apr 2014

If you're not completely and utterly swamped in chat, and you're not afk, at least RESPOND to me.  I cannot express how much anger being flat-out ignored when I know you can hear me instills within my heart.  

If you don't want to talk, at least give me the courtesy of a reply, and don't be a rude cunt.  Stop sucking whatever dick you're sucking long enough to type out the words 'I'm busy', if your fingers are up to the task.  Common courtesy is dying, becoming a lost and archaic concept that is being replaced by indifference, ignorance, narcissism, and self-importance.  

If I've done something to offend you or something has happened in the past that has caused you to ignore me because you're upset, TELL ME.  Even if we don't work it out, just expend the effort and a little whisper of politeness to type out a reply... if you're not a member of the inconsiderate blight of humanity outlined above that is growing larger and larger by the day.  

I see you online for a solid 40 minute w...

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haldimir 1 month ago
Thank you for the Fav.
MooseAntlers 2 months ago
Thank you so much for the fave! I really appreciate it! A pleasure to meet you!
Oside 4 months ago
Thanks for the fave heavy metal dragon!!
Kirek 4 months ago
You're welcome.
Hankahn Ninoen Shing 8 months ago
*Puts on 155 mask and starts to headbang furiously, making the nails lash forward and back*
Rajima Velvetpaws 10 months ago
*commences to nom energetically on one of the dragon's horns. pausing only to nibble on the other one.*
Kirek 10 months ago
*easily pulls the mouse off my horns and pulls her small body against mine, rubbing her back and looking down at her with soft eyes*
Rajima Velvetpaws 10 months ago
Oh, a metal-loving dragon? This is a wonderful combination! *By way of greeting and non-verbal approval, the odd little ratgirl promptly shoves the dragon's tail into her mouf.*
Kirek 10 months ago
*smiles and gently rubs behind your ears* Hello, and thank you.
MechaChick 1 year ago
Thanks so much for the fav rawr!
Foxpiper 1 year ago
Happy New Year!
Foxpiper 1 year ago
Merry Kvltmas!
Kirek 1 year ago
Merry Christmas to you too.