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About Mikrae

Whispers are welcome, blah blah, cuddling is neat-o, just talk. I'm always up for a gab. F-list will happen someday, for now just think 'fluffy arctic fox with the ass of legends'. Plus coffee.

People who are cool and worth at least twenty-five minutes of idle chatter: Doow, Adam Frost, Seth Frozt, MonocleDragon, Sijon, Alexi Vallen, Pongo, Peli Kan, Buck, Anielde, and me. :D So talk to me already, you.

This profile is, obviously, a work in progress. Drawings + descriptions are to follow; currently, Mik has very little in the way of defined dimensions.

"Equinius: Mikrae is the abombinable vagina quaker"

F-list is where the important shit goes. Go to my F-list for the important shit: Woo!

species Arctic Fox
gender male from Canadia
loves Love, Near Future, Science likes Alternate Society, Apophysis, Comic tolerates 3D, shapeshifting hates Anal vore, BBW, Chastity Play
2 submissions 1,769 page views 10 comments received 30 comments posted 9,074 profile views
groups   All Male Gayness
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  Sun's Sanctum

Latest Journal posted 20 May 2011

I tried to write a journal about everything that happened in Peru, but there's too much, so if you're curious just hunt me down in the chat or don't. The Cole's Notes version is:

It was hot and there were bugs and I was rooming with a hockey player that refused to wear clothes. It was pretty nice.

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Graeme 3 months ago
Marin Nightfoot 1 year ago
What a sweet arctic fox <3
Mikrae 1 year ago
Aw, thanks! Cheers, ma'am.
Marin Nightfoot 1 year ago
You're very welcome *hugs and nuzzles*
Duo Theus 1 year ago
Quite the cute profile
Mikrae 1 year ago
Aw, thanks! Cheers, mate. :3
Duo Theus 1 year ago
Likewise ~slaps the males butt~ Everyone gets at least one
Fenri 1 year ago
Maxine Fuller 1 year ago
Why am I not on your awesome list? D:
Ottoo 2 years ago
Duo Theus 2 years ago
My arnt you the interesting and cute one. I like your work
Mikrae 2 years ago
That's kind of you to say, but I haven't posted any of my artwork yet, due to not owning a scanner. x3 This is mostly gift art from friends.
Duo Theus 2 years ago
I see, well when you do get a hold of a scanner Im looking foward to seeing your stuff
Hellykena 2 years ago
Gimme your YIM or summat, I miss you.
Syfe 2 years ago
Coffee isn't a species.
Mikrae 2 years ago
I'm symbiotically associated with coffee. It's a parasitism, really.
DarkRiverWolf 2 years ago
So Adorable <3
Mikrae 2 years ago
Why'd you have to go and change your name like that? o.o I was confused as to who you were for a minute.