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I am an above average writer who has lots of ideas and enjoys anime reading fantasy and adventure books. My first love will always be comics which is my main driving force for writing. I do love fanfic of pokemon the most.

If you want to talk to me my emal is

Skype Kain Dragoon

I do listen to request but don't always expect a yes.

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Latest Journal posted 13 Nov 2013

My co author and I working on the reboot of the watcher series. Now I know we had progress further into already but at a point my co author wanted more and flet the path we were on was not the right one for the story we wanted to tell. I know it will come to a shock to many that we are rebooting this beloved series. Yet many problems arose was we wrote the story and and at many times we felt many things would be been done better than the first time around. Still We hope before December we will be releasing chapters soon. We wanted most of what we had done right and long enough for you all to enjoy. Once again I am sorry fo rany trouble we may have cause by this reboot.

On other news I am working as fast as I can to get the new chapters of Vale and Dragon Slayer? done. I have one more side story then I will be committed to working on my two main stories beside watcher.

Once again I am sorry for the delay on all my projects and hope you enjoy the reboot of watcher when we are ready to post it....

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ShadowWolf1994 2 weeks ago
There. I sent YOU friend request. My ipods being gay and i couldn't accept for spme reason.
catsithx 2 weeks ago
ok got it.
BlazeTheVulpix 2 weeks ago
I'm new to this site. What thing on the forum would it be under?
catsithx 2 weeks ago
scroll to the bottom of the page and you will see acceptable use policy link click that and you will find what you are looking for . I hope this helps
BlazeTheVulpix 2 weeks ago
"Like artwork, stories should have furry context. Non-Furry stories are allowed but should not constitute the majority of your stories. Stories containing humans exclusively must be tagged with the keyword "Human-only". Readability is important for your story to be enjoyable. Therefore you should pay attention to a well formed structure, formatting and correct spelling." That's the only thing I could find under the writing section of that policy. I cannot confirm what you said about yiff and gore not being for public use and the absence of those things being for public use. I think that both SFW and NSFW stories are co-owned by the writer and the SoFurry website. Maybe I'm reading the wrong thing, though...?
ShadowWolf1994 2 weeks ago
I've gotta say... Very nicely done with 'Watcher of Arceus'. I was on the edge of my seat with nearly every chapter. There BETTER be another chapter though. Otherwise I'd be sourly disappointed. Perhaps we could do a collaboration sometime.
catsithx 2 weeks ago
I am sorry to tell you this but we rebooted the story. After much discussion and many black eyes we both , grudgingly came to the conclusion to restart it. Dont worry we are already 3 chapters in and the fourth if he can get his ass in gear and finish the clean up. Also on the collaboration I am up for it if you are just tell me when and I will see what I can do ok
ShadowWolf1994 2 weeks ago
Ah ok. Thats why theres thos other chapters. As for collaberation, it'll most likely ne when I'm done with 'Quest of Masters'. Which idk when that will be. But yeah i'll let ya know
catsithx 2 weeks ago
Yeah as I said I will see about the ideas just give me a few days on to re read your stuff ok. Also even if you dont fav or give me stars on my other stuff please tell me what you think ok.
ShadowWolf1994 3 weeks ago
I suppose you're right about the Gionanni thing. I'll try to keep battles interesting and last a liitle longer. I will definately wait until Giovanni's next return. Thanks for the input!
catsithx 3 weeks ago
I am not saying it was a bad idea just it has to have more behind it. As it is the beginning of the journey the battle should have had more of a desperate fell to it. That way when they win it is barely and Giovanni thinks about weather it would be prudent to kill him now or later.

I know it is not my story but you have to build up the tension a bit.
ShadowWolf1994 3 weeks ago
Just finished chapter five of watchers of arceus. Im gonna finish entire series then comment then gives cookie(s)
catsithx 3 weeks ago
Well thank for that.
Skyeder 3 weeks ago
Thanks for the watch ^^ *hugged*
catsithx 3 weeks ago
No problem I always stalk I mena watch my friends >.>'
ShadowWolf1994 3 weeks ago
Heheh. Watch for a watch, no? Besides, I'm interested in what you're going to do next. Wait... I'm not a stalker! XD
DarkUmbreon99 1 month ago
Pssshhhh, how could I deny a request from the Catsithx? :3c
capthavoc123 2 months ago
Thanks for faving!
catsithx 2 months ago
No problem.
TideKeeper 4 months ago
Thank you for watching me! I appreciate it! :3
catsithx 4 months ago
Why not. You have great work .
catprowler 5 months ago
0.0 *Watching* Honestly I have no idea why I wasn't before I have read like most of your stuff and enjoyed lots of it.
catsithx 5 months ago
Well I do try my best to keep he reader on his or her toes. XP
catsithx 5 months ago
Also thanks for the faves and reading my stories. I will try to keep up the good work .