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Latest Journal posted 14 Oct 2009

Sorry for not replying to those in the shout box, I'm very busy and I'd like to say keep up the good work guys love your stories, art, and music!

Also quick question? Is anyone on here going to be playing TESO (The Elder Scrolls Online) if so would you like to team up on it, i'm always active and i have played the beta, if so send me a PM! ^_^

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Wounded Knee 1 month ago
Please sign the petition and spread the word.
Artie_Koda 1 month ago
Hey, thanks for the fave and the vote.
Howard Trueman 1 month ago
Thank you very much for Faving and voting on my story !
Atmik 1 month ago
I have to commend you on that journal of yours, cleverly done. And your shoutbox tells me why it exists, oh my.

I'll join the choir to thank you. As many say, it does mean a lot and it is appreciated. And special thanks for the kind words in the comment you left :D
Wolf Nightide 1 month ago
Thx and yea i read and find a lot of pics that i like and trying to write a custom message to everyone that thanks you is kinda hard i mean what more can i tell someone that i love there pic or story or what not, and to keep up the good work, i mean i'm not a writer so i can't really tell if they made a mistake or not in their story.
Atmik 1 month ago
No kidding! As said, it's a clever thing that at least lets us know our thanks don't fall on dead ears :)

I like typing up the more personalized messages, but it does take a lot of time!

Really, to me, an average reader's perception is the most valuable. They are the ones that you write for and their feedback is crucial :) A "keep up the good work" can often be better for the writer than "you should really fix this, this and this"!
Baikal 1 month ago
Thanks for voting and of course for the fave. it means a lot. =)
Danny1988 2 months ago
Thanks for the fave, vote and watch! :3
Kurdan 3 months ago
Thanks for the watch, faves and votes :3
CharlieXxxCorso 3 months ago
Thanks for the vote!
CharlieXxxCorso 3 months ago
Hiya. Thanks for watching
meizushi 3 months ago
Thank you 4 the favorite