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Welcome to my Gallery on SoFurry.

Please read before browsing my gallery. (link)

Hello, I am CrazyHusky, You can call me Faust, if you want. *shakes paw*

I am Colourist, from England(UK). I Colour artwork, Sorry I don't draw pictures, please don't ask me to draw things.

I do Colouring Commissions, Trades and Collabs. Just send me a message if you want me for something or to ask a question.

Currently taking Colouring comissions, Trades and Collabs.

so if you have any pics want me to colour a pic or work together on something just ask.

Updated 24 Jan 2014 >>>>Commission Information <<< Note /PM me if you want something.

Walk me Canine - Limited stock Walk me Canine - Limited stock Some of these are still available. Also check out here if you want to help me out LINK!

Thanks for stopping by.

If you curious about my characters here are the reference sheets with some more details about them

Faust(Husky) - Link // Furred Eastern Dragon - Link // Qwhilla - Link // Huskytaur - Link |

Vero(Arctic Fox) - Link | Tiziano(White Tiger) - Link | Iratus(Ermine) - Link |

Mucio(Otter) - Link | Petrous (Woolly Mammoth) - Link | Adjutor(FreshWater Croc) - Link |

Lutum(Mud Drgn) - Link | Tontrui (Static Drgn ) - Link | Tirus (Huskytaur) - Link | Opacaré (Coming Soon)

species Husky or Furred Eastern Dragon
gender male from England
loves Canine, Dragon, Foxtaur likes Akita, Anatomically Correct, Anime tolerates Arctic Fox, Armadillo, Avian hates 101 dalmatians, Alien, Alvin and the Chipmunks
626 submissions 768,323 page views 2,462 comments received 327 comments posted 62,664 profile views
groups   Transformations
  UK furs

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Latest Journal posted 08 Dec 2013

I've have spend a half a day re-organising my gallery, per request by a few users from So Furry.

I have literally put half of my gallery in to folders (i had 18 pages to go through, I now have 9-10 pages, will be 9 when i move a few things later)

So its a little easier to browse through my galley now.

The Rules so you can find pictures, TF stuff and comics easier.

After a week or two, if a piece of artwork falls in a category it will now be placed within a folder. (This list will be update people request a folder)

-- Transformations -- This only includes SINGLE picture Transformations - LINK!

-- Taurs - Everything Taur or Centaur is in the that folder. - LINK!

-- Muscle and Macro -- Everything Muscular, Big, Hyper, Marco, and chubby is in this Folder. - LINK!

-- Toony and Chibis -- If the picture is a cartoony, toony or chibi and cute like its in this folder. - LINK!

-- Comics -- Unique comics will have their own Folders


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Io 2 months ago
Woooof! XP
crazyhusky 2 months ago
rawr >w<

whats up?
Io 2 months ago
Hey, just passing by to what's up whit you & hopefully you're doing fine. *Hugs* XP
crazyhusky 2 months ago
Saving up and Trying to get a new laptop before this one dies.
nhdesigns 3 months ago
Great to see you here too mate!
ImperialTiger 3 months ago
Lovin the Tauric Presents series!!
crazyhusky 3 months ago
Thanks the last upload is tomorrow.
FrancielTHX 8 months ago
your work is awesome *A*
Maxie 11 months ago
Brothen 1 year ago
You're very welcome!
Fizzy 1 year ago
hey i really love yout coloring :D im a noob designer and color'er and was wondering if you knew and techniques that i can use?
Andreas Silva 1 year ago
Hey thanks for that shout! it gave me an achievement! As an achievement(Steam)/trophy (PS3)hunter i thank you! Felt the need to label them. sorry. Feeling a bit....like a Time Lord. Not sure why. Haven't watched Doctor Who is some time....eh. awesome feeling though and thanks again!
Tempowusky 1 year ago
Awesome art! ^^
legiongru 1 year ago
thanks, and no problem