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Cyran is a wolger. Wolf/tiger for those who can't figure that out. Apathist in nature, let me just be lazy and do what most furries wanna see

sexuality: Gay
Preference: submissive yet not going to be a flamer femmebitch trying to get someone to do so.
Cock size: don't matter, does it? you ain't gettin it!

... *cough*
all art by me


1252481726cyran_cyranslave.jpg request from someone

Revonar and I. (another character I own.)



gender male
loves Anal, Anthro, Bad Language likes 69, Anime, Clean tolerates Avian, Cunt Boy, Drunken Fun
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Latest Journal posted 13 Sep 2013
I'm somewhat annoyed and amused at the same time... some people who can't ever outdo what I did in kindergarten want to make their living by drawing furry art and selling it.

On one hand, I find it funny that people are that delusional to think so highly of themselves.
On the other hand, I get annoyed that some of them still find success because they're able to scribble some weird fetish and only in furry would you find a customer to pay $10 for a 5 year old's porn pic.

this thought brought on by reading an old... ex-friend's post on someone else's page about how art is their passion and they want to make it a career...yet... their art is sooooo baaaaad


HellfireComics 3 weeks ago
Thanks for the watch. :) you got some good work too.
Z Dragon 1 year ago
perhaps at some point i would not mind
GothBear 2 years ago
Thanx for the watch! <3
Baloo Burlison 2 years ago
thx for the watch
Sir Magus 2 years ago
Thanks for the Fav.
BlackwingDragon 2 years ago
Remembered I exist, did ya ;-P?
Cyran 2 years ago
you exist? ???? ? ? ?
Vincent the Fox 3 years ago
Welcome to Walmart.
Swanny 3 years ago
Date rape.
Verdugo 3 years ago
"Most lovely art, Sir."
Shraptor 3 years ago
You've got some nice work! Are you taking commissions at all?
Cyran 3 years ago
yeah, easiest to email me or send a message via im