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Hello there!

I'm a 24 years old software/web developer living in Lyon, France, and currently looking for a job. I've been here since... Well it was still Yiffstar at the time but I start commented only fall 2009 or something and I'm sorry for all the spelling mistakes I do!

What else can I say? I love good stories, series and video games, I'm a bit geekish (ok... not just a bit) and I'm shy but if you want or need to talk just send me a message, I'll do my best! I also start drawing not long ago so it's far from perfect but I'm slowly improving.

And most of all, I love my avatar?user=71693&character=0&clevel=0 Perrin Wolfbrother

Have a good day!


And for those interested I do have a Twitter account, though separate of my main, so you can follow my thoughts every now and then @GritouTheOrca

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Latest Journal posted 06 Mar 2014

Hello guys!

Eh, can't believe time passes that quickly, even if it hadn't been two years yet actually. On Sunday it will be 24 months (yes, I've been saying twice two years already, it's time to switch) that avatar?user=71693&character=0&clevel=0 Perrin Wolfbrother and I are together, 104 weeks that he accepted to go out with me, 730 days that he made me happier than I ever was, and countless reasons to keep cherishing him and giving him as much love (if not more) as he gives to me.

So, why posting it on today you may ask? Well, cause I have a plane in a couple of hours to visit him, so I won't b able to do so by then icon_biggrin.gif Last year it was Paris, this year we will stay in Rome, nothing special, just his family, friends and some relaxing and romantic time jus...

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Darius Koopa 1 month ago
I need to sit down and draw you something. your a rather hot Orca X3
Gritou 1 month ago
Thanks but no thanks =)
GabrielClyde 1 month ago
Hope you and Perrin had a great time together monsieur! Take care.

Gritou 1 month ago
It sure was horsie, thanks for asking it *snugs*
RioNightshade62450 1 month ago
No problem cutie, enjoy what i can see on your page. ;)
EnJay161 2 months ago
Hey Gri ^^
Gritou 2 months ago
It's good to see you using SF =)
ValenKyra 2 months ago
orca!! D:
Ivy Blossom 3 months ago
Hehe np sexy <3
Greenskin91 3 months ago
Hello, there. Just thought you should know, I think your artwork is amazing.
Novra 3 months ago
It's an Orcaaaaa :D
Gritou 3 months ago
It's a kittyyyyy!
Artemis the Wolf 4 months ago
Knaw!!! Just barely started reading about you and your fiance, all i have to say is adorable!!!! Hope everything goes perfect between the two of you, ever lasting love for the both of you and Merry Christmas!!!
Gritou 3 months ago
Everything is still going fine, we spent the holidays together and glad you find it adorable ^^
GabrielClyde 4 months ago
Joyeux Noël Gritou! Have a wonderful time.

Gritou 3 months ago
Sorry for the late answer Gab! Thanks for the wishes and a happy new year to you!