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About Eric and Kimahri
Hi, my name is Eric. I'm known here as Eric and Kimahri and as Eric&TheCheat elsewhere. I am 100% human and in no way an anthro myself in any way. The thing is is that anthros are HOT. They're hotter than any human I know. My preferences are Ronso, Dragons, Pokemon, Digimon, Orcas, Wolves, Lions, Star Fox characters, etc. My hobbies include playing video games, playing with my computer making things, role-playing with video games, drawing manga, surfing the internet, and story writing. I'm working on a story based on all of my favorite games, mainly Final Fantasy. Cya soon. ;) species Human
gender male from St. George, United States
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Latest Journal posted 10 Apr 2014

So my desktop's OS crapped out on me, so I'm currently using my Linux Live CD to fix the problem while also backing up my files. Until then I'll have to use my Laptop to check internet, Skype, YIM, and Action Replay 3DS Powersaves. It sucks wholeheartedly, but hopefully things should go back to normal in about a day or two. Depends on my busy schedule.

Until next time, this is Eric Lewis, signing off. Thanks for listening.

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by Eric and K...    4 years ago    


sheerclaw 1 month ago
Just poking around SF. Your profile made me laugh, thx!
Eric and Kimahri 1 month ago
Okay. You're welcome, I guess...
hooves 1 month ago
Eric and Kimahri 1 month ago
Hello. ^^
hooves 1 month ago
Eric and Kimahri 1 month ago
How goes it?
CrimsonMercury7192 5 months ago
Hey hun!
Found you here too! X3
FireDracon 6 months ago
HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Now we need some Incest pronz, of the wins celebrating there bday. :p
Man im a perv
Eric and Kimahri 6 months ago
Your perv meter is on overdrive.
FireDracon 7 months ago
oh god you found me -hides-
Eric and Kimahri 7 months ago
You're not getting away from me this time! *Chases you with a dragon catching net.*
FireDracon 7 months ago
Noes -runs faster and flys-
Eightane 8 months ago
Thanks for likin' the view. :3
Eric and Kimahri 8 months ago
My pleasure. ;) <3
rynson 9 months ago
Hi there. How are you?
rynson 9 months ago
Hi there
Eric and Kimahri 9 months ago
Hi. How're you?
Pugsly Derpington 1 year ago
Thanks for accepting my friend request
Eric and Kimahri 1 year ago
You're welcome. ^^
Anon Hatred 1 year ago
Oh heya :3