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Myspace LayoutsbT*xJmx*PTEyMjM*MjgwNjczNDQmcHQ9MTIyMzQy Hello and welcome to my gallery my name is Tex! I do have a tendancy to kinda get mad easily, but only on ....well... only if it matters to me. Like if you insult me or my mate, or any of my friends. I hope you all like my art. I can really only do chibi-ish style and don't draw toooo much...well other then lions. I love tlk. and lion king yiff weather the characters are in anthro forms or feral, its all hot xD I love the kovuxkiara pairing and the VitanixKopa pairing. oh oh and ScarxZira! =3 enjoy your stay here at my gallery but please don't steal anything. I'll bite your head off if u do.
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Latest Journal posted 14 Oct 2008
=D good news!!!!! Wedding arrangements have been moved to this SATURDAY!!! :D IM SOOO HAPPY AND EXCITED!!!!!!!! Both of us are really excited X3 teheheh marco just kissed me ^______^

We've already got our rings and we have things ready =3

I CANT WAIT!!! :D ^_______________________________^

Oh yeah! as a surprise along with the good news, Marco got me a kitten! He called me after work saying the marrige arrangement was moved to saturday, AND he got me a cute little kitten :D Marco is such a sweatheart!!! I'm so glad I met him ^______^

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