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Demowolf 2 years ago
Hi Zeus
Digimarth 2 years ago
Thanks for reposting some of your stuff here. A friend of mine said you made good art, but I didn't find you on furaffinity, but I'm glad I found you here.
mega0 3 years ago
muscletigerwolf where I started this comic full view
Kazo 3 years ago


I come from Taiwan

I really like your comics

Can you help me draw some comics??

If you can

please Contact my mail

santiago_1992 3 years ago
MuscleTigerWolf...u..uu u alive wtf u be u miss u in what happen to u and your art work
MuscleTigerWolf 3 years ago
I will post my old works form this year and last year so all can view it.
SergeGamer 3 years ago
awesome your on here :D
juy33 3 years ago
love your gallery!
vore 3 years ago
l love your work but am a little sad because your FA is no longer working and i really loved your comic;p ;'(
Jrakega 4 years ago
herro :3
TheFurryAngel 4 years ago
so much delicious muscle goodness, where to start first? :D love your work!!!!