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About Raf-eReM

Hello all ^.=.^


I'm back to SoFurry, also I have a bit more time now in my life, so i can do much more drawings :) In these case:


If you're interested in commission, then just please send me a note here, on Furaffinity, or chat (I prefer them) to me on one communnicator:

yahoo messanger: raf_erem

skype: raf_blue_dragon

Prices are negotiable on different types of work I do. You can also write to me what you want, and type your price offer, and we will see what is possible to do :) I'm open minded for very various topic of arts :)) I don't have a proble to drawing general, mature or adult art. It can be clean or for example full gore. I mostly specialize in realistic style (I love badass designs), furry characters and monsters. But if you will be want space-ship, background or vehicles, I might also do that :)

So don't be afraid, feel always free to message or note me, just ask about anything you have in mind :)I don't bite ;)

species Raf-eReM
gender male
loves Comic, Dinosaurs, Dragons likes Music tolerates herms hates Anal vore
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Kanonite 11 months ago
No problem. :)
Hetaniel 2 years ago
Raf! Are you here as well? <3
Raf-eReM 2 years ago
Hellows! I'm almost don't using for now these account, but I will be in future ;)
SuicideFoxy 2 years ago
Thanks for the Fav
yaoi-girl 2 years ago
Pozdrowienia dla wszystkich Polakow na SF!
Marioella 3 years ago
Dzieki :D
Seductive Dragon 3 years ago
Love your pics Raf-eRem! Really cool!
Padfoot69 4 years ago
Nie ma za co ^^
Fukano 4 years ago
Keine ursache ist ja auch nen schönes Bild.
Raf-eReM 4 years ago
Danke, but only reply in Deutsch, not understand much of that langugae ^^"
rockythewolf 4 years ago
well i haven't been here in a while bit i'm happy to know my artwork is being spotted on FA: thank you!! i'm thinking about doing short stories too as well as my main story once i get all my basic crap on my new comp. its a bitch to write in the note book XD. when i do get it all running would you like a story commissioned? i don't charge i do it for fun ^^
Raf-eReM 4 years ago
Talk to me on yahoo messenger: raf_erem ;)
Hehe my pleasure ^^
Hm.. I 'll thinks about it :)
pretzel 4 years ago
Hey you!
Raf-eReM 4 years ago
And hello here to :)