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Open-minded and gently eccentric British writer, 3D artist and photographer.

Likes to explore, think, experiment and challenge, and will often go to strange places.

Always found outside the box, and usually nude. Clothes are boring.

Does not do and has no interest in 'adult' work of any kind.

Open to requests and trades - see journal for details.

See my blog for alternative versions, story snippets and more.

Also on DeviantArt, my own website and Twitter.

If you wish to draw or write about any of my characters, ask me first. I won't allow them to be used in anything 'adult', but beyond that I'm pretty open-minded.

I believe real artists don't cop out and take the cheap and easy option. Real artists never stop pushing and challenging themselves and others. One day I hope to be one.

Buy The Midnight Girls in ebook and paperback versions.

Also, a little plug for a friend's book - The Goldenlea.

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Latest Journal posted 30 Mar 2014

The digital edition is now available on Kindle and Kobo, as well as the iStore and the Nook, and may yet be buyable at even more places soon.

The paperback version is now available from many, many places you can buy books, including (I think) brick and mortar, real world bookshops.

All of this leads me to ask one simple question:-


And breathe.

Seriously, I've sold two whole copies in the year the book's been around, and it's starting to frustrate me a little...

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dblawso 2 years ago
your welcome
Lone_Wolf27 2 years ago
It sucks that you left just as I found you. Honestly, you're story, Willowisp, is probably one of the best stories I've read and it's a shame that you left this entirely. Sucks to see so much talent go away from a beautiful project such as Willowisp.
salmy 2 years ago
Thanks a lot for the fav! :D
Ykoriana 2 years ago
Thank you for the fav! ^_^
crios 3 years ago
Finally i've made it:


What do you think on?
Foxyfellowuk 3 years ago
Very nice! :-)
crios 3 years ago
Thank you very much.
Tbohn 3 years ago
Thanks a ton for watching!
DemonFiren 3 years ago
Life without weird questions would be math.

Math leads to physics, physics lead to weird questions.

Okay, life without weird questions cannot exist.
DemonFiren 3 years ago
Perfectly honest:
The main reason for activating myself here is that you've moved from FA.

Now it's time to set things up. Watch people, observe them, maybe unwatch.

And of course bug you with weird questions >:3
Foxyfellowuk 3 years ago
Good to have you here, my friend. :-)

And what would life be without weird questions? :D
Tom80 3 years ago
Will you do some Krystal renders ?
Foxyfellowuk 3 years ago
Maybe. If I get some good ideas.
Foxy Swiss 3 years ago
Hey! Thanks for the favorite and the rating ^^ Hope you have a nice day!