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Open-minded and gently eccentric British writer, 3D artist and photographer.

Likes to explore, think, experiment and challenge, and will often go to strange places.

Always found outside the box, and usually nude. Clothes are boring.

Does not do and has no interest in 'adult' work of any kind.

Open to requests and trades - see journal for details.

See my blog for alternative versions, story snippets and more.

Also on DeviantArt, my own website and Twitter.

If you wish to draw or write about any of my characters, ask me first. I won't allow them to be used in anything 'adult', but beyond that I'm pretty open-minded.

I believe real artists don't cop out and take the cheap and easy option. Real artists never stop pushing and challenging themselves and others. One day I hope to be one.

Buy The Midnight Girls in ebook and paperback versions.

Also, a little plug for a friend's book - The Goldenlea.

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Latest Journal posted 30 Mar 2014

The digital edition is now available on Kindle and Kobo, as well as the iStore and the Nook, and may yet be buyable at even more places soon.

The paperback version is now available from many, many places you can buy books, including (I think) brick and mortar, real world bookshops.

All of this leads me to ask one simple question:-


And breathe.

Seriously, I've sold two whole copies in the year the book's been around, and it's starting to frustrate me a little...

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crios 4 years ago
Hi Fox, i'm also here :D
Foxyfellowuk 4 years ago
You get everywhere, don't you? :-) ;-)
Dasher Cheetah 4 years ago
Really like your latest story and glad I saw it. It let me go back to the start and catch up on a nice series. Have to add that your icon is very cute. It seems like something that should have it's own cartoon!
Todd Fox 4 years ago
I love collies, and that is hot, love to see more of just maybe the puppy girl? but hey, her partner is a red so it;s all good.

great work and hope to see more of you around
Dann Firefeet 5 years ago
I am amazed at what you have been able to do with the Krystal model! Having attempted to use it myself a bit, I know it can be hard to get it all to come out well, but you do a damn fine job.
Wanna share some trade secrets? =^.^=

Keep up the good work, and that's an order!
(Sorry, I just had to.... ^^)
Foxyfellowuk 5 years ago
I'm amazed at what the Krystal model can do - once you've gotten your head around it the possibilities are almost limitless. No secret, really - just copious quantities of experimentation, and plenty of practice.

And yes, sir! {salutes}
Vixxy-Renard 5 years ago
Remember me from Deviant Art?
I must ask what is Furry Magic?
Foxyfellowuk 5 years ago
If I didn't know better I'd swear you were following me around. :-p

FurryMagic (no space) is a furry fantasy/sci-fi story I've been working on for what feels like a lifetime. A lot of the characters I render (Ben, Vee, etc) are from it. It's my main creative project, and with my butterfly brain seemingly destined never to be finished. :-p
Vixxy-Renard 5 years ago
Oh sorry I tend to be everywhere.
I made an acount her a while
ago but had no time to go on that I
frogot my password and user name
so I had to make a new one,I know very sad.
Kelyn Tyme 6 years ago
I'd stumbled across your stories a while back, but hadn't looked in the art before.

I have to say, they've all made my favorites list, and I'm still eager to see any further work in any of the stories!

Particularly, I'd love to see more of the Star fox story, Saxon Gate, and if Slaves to our Emotions ever continues...

Thanks for sharing your talents and creations with us all!
Foxyfellowuk 6 years ago
Good grief - I'm not used to being in demand... O.O

New Starfox is pretty imminent, hopefully; doing the 3D works has really gotten me focused on that one again - I'm buzzing with ideas. Fresh Saxon Gate is also a strong likelihood, and as for Slaves, well...never say never... ;-)
Windthor 6 years ago
Wow. I wish I could do your kind of stuff. It's cool.

Can't wait for more. ^^
Windthor 6 years ago
Wow. I wish I could do your kind of stuff. It's cool.

Can't wait for more. ^^
Kiba Snowpaw 6 years ago
hi my names is Ronnie can i use your 3D Photo on my homeside

Foxyfellowuk 6 years ago
Sorry, but no. I decided a while back to limit them to FurAffinity, YiffStar and my personal site, the better to keep tabs on them, and that's how it'll stay. I'm flattered you think my work worth adding, though. :-)