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Some Internet asshat lurking in the dephs.

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playfullfox 4 months ago
a snivy*hugs you*
beenlord 1 year ago
just out of curiosity are you still working on zeke's tale?
souldivide 2 years ago
And i just now realize the name change :P. Thought for a sec your group had a change of leadership lol
Shock/Rice 2 years ago
Okay, I just met you and now you're watching me. Are you stalking me?!! AHH!!!

And now for something completely different: Thanks for the watch. Hopefully you won't have to wait too long.
Shadoweon 3 years ago
Awww,you're a snivy?=D
Zelnyair 3 years ago
So, I wonder when Pokémon Best Wishes is going to air in the US and in Britain? Your avatar reminded me of that question.

Say what you like, I think that Tsutarja is still I much better name than Snivy, probably because I can't understand it.

Hell, I know the likes of Pikachu and Pachirisu are kept the same, but I just prefer a lot of the Japanese Pokémon names e.g Kyukon > Ninetales

I'm not that anal about it when it comes to Romanisations such as Buoysel-Buizel, and
Rukario-Lucario, don't get me wrong.

It's nice to say hello ^^
Rakuen Growlithe 3 years ago
This is as good a time as any. Going to have a awesome new story up soon.
Rakuen Growlithe 3 years ago
Thanks for watching.
bbuizel 3 years ago
Just saying 'Hey', Repede. :3
Kenichi-G 4 years ago

by the way Grace ate my shoe today and you owe me BIG.
Everett Acer 4 years ago
lol gratz on the 1337th view dude, I'll get you that shoe asap.