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I'm really just here to meet new Furrs that love Furry art as much as I do, not so much on the sex front. Yes sexy is wonderful, but I like loving more and I like to think it shows in my art. That pretty much just means I'm a fairly clean artist, but I'm open to experimentation, tell me that doesn't sound dirty. XD I'm pretty light hearted, but I do have a dark side and I try to always speak exactly what's on my mind, even when I'm typing. XP I'm goofy, corny, not to mention over enthusiastic and I love being that way!

I am always open to request and that means I will never charge you for a drawing I do, but having said that it also means I will take as long as I want drawing it and If I really don't feel like drawing it, I wont. But rest assured if I do decide to draw you something I will do so with all the passion and effort I have, and that's a promise!

If I find your art to truly inspire me, I may ask to draw something for you as a gift. It's a bad little habit of mine. ^.^


Requests: Yes

Commissions: No

Collaboration: If you want. ^^

If a request is made for me to draw a character of another persons personal creation, as long as I'm granted credit for the illustration of said character, the rights to the sketch in it's entirety will be granted to the requester, and will not be used in my gallery unless I am granted permission to do so. Though I still reserve the right to use it in my professional portfolio.

species Arctic Wolf
gender male
loves Albino, Anatomically Correct, Angel likes 80s, Incomplete, Middle Eastern tolerates Oldies, Soft Rock, Spiritual Rock
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Mnemosyne-   "In the bowls of Hades, I kneel before the two lakes. I drink content from that of Mnemosyne. Knowing a handful of truly joyful moments, are worth a lifetime of painful experiences. If I must keep the bad to truly grasp the good, then let me remain here for all eternity. Here with the recollections that make me whole... Here with my nightmares, and my dreams...  Here with my sweet and bitter memories."                                                                     -J.B.                                                       Oct/21/2010  


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