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Latest Journal posted 15 Aug 2013

So where to begin, well lets begin at the beginning and we will end in the end and some where in the middle I think is a spring roll I have yet to finish. Any way, a long time ago when we had moved to Lake Villa I intended to follow my plan, finish High School skip out on the Graduation ceremony, and go directly to the recruitment office to join the US Military. Well, I got to the office and had a few talks, even took the Asvab. But, two things kept me out. I have a deep curve in my spine, as well as feet that have an almost non existent arch. I had endured a few interruptions to my plan due to family getting sick and such but here I was now lost completely on what to do. 

I had kept this plan since I was starting junior high and so was at a loss for where to go. Where to take my life and what did I want to do. Well I knew I wanted to get back into the Martial Arts, I had intended to use the money I made and options of the military to continue my schooling and eventually open my own school. 



RavenStar18 1 day ago
Bad fuzz 2 months ago
I know that artist you linked on our rp, I prefer aqualung though ^^
RavenStar18 2 months ago
Wanna rp?
Glynis 6 months ago
Some reason I can't pm you....
so here~ This is the Harvest Moon RP at the public forum

Btw this is Tonie xD I use this account to RP
OneInchMoustache 8 months ago
And now I can't upload a banner? that's weird?
OneInchMoustache 8 months ago
I have a problem, I can't see my avatar?
OneInchMoustache 8 months ago
thanks for the warm welcome!
OneInchMoustache 8 months ago
hello, I'm new here :)
Angel LeFey 8 months ago
Congrats on the new position Iron.
Seventh Architect 10 months ago
Ironhand...been a long time. That is if you even remember me. Anyway. RP moderator? Good going.