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The names TooTall and I mean TooTall. I'm 6'9" and no I'm not lying about my height. I've been writing for years and I hope that by adding my stories to this site that I'll get a better feel of what I need to improve on my work and where I should go from here.

I like to listen to classic rock, country, rock, and Celtic. Love to play on my PS3.

And I love to travel.

Single and strait guy.

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gender male
loves Anime, Dragon, Lycanthrope likes Commentary, Milk, convention hates beer, further confusion
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Latest Journal posted 23 Sep 2013
     Just as many people go on that of vacations, I'm planning on taking some time off from the road and enjoying some R&R.  What does this mean, it means that I'm going to be going home for a while and enjoying my hometown's Medieval Fair or Renaissance Fair.    If any of you are within that of the Southern California area and you want to meet me, then head over to Felicita Park in Escondido, CA on the weekend of Nov 2nd and 3rd.
     As far as anything else goes, I might even try to head over to Florida and see what Universal Studios does for that of their All-Hallows-Eve theme for the park.  I know that I'm going to that of my hometown medieval fair, but the Universal Studios in Florida...maybe.

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BigBrother333 4 months ago
no reason in paticular i love a good love story :3
johnnyd1988 6 months ago
you take requests or commisions at all?
Tootall 6 months ago
I do take request and commissions, but due to the infrequency of my writing, I don't know when I can get to those request or commissions. I usually take advise from my readers for things to add into my works and usually work with that so it pops up in a chapter further down the road.
johnnyd1988 6 months ago
ok, shouldi note you my idea?
Tootall 6 months ago
It's best that way, since most people don't like to have their idea out there before it gets worked on.
hc892 6 months ago
please continue Journey.T.A.W its my favorite story jest started reading it all over again for the 3rd time also please continue A Machine Love its my 2nd favorite story and fave number 3 is Rebirth i jest don't want any of them to end lol
Tootall 6 months ago
I plan on continuing Journey and Machine's Love, but Rebirth is done for the time being (I'm probably going to re-write the ending to it as so many people have complained that I didn't end it well).
hc892 6 months ago
i cant wait
moon worshiper 8 months ago
Please continue journey
Tootall 8 months ago
Almost finished with the next chapter. Should have it up by tomorrow or the day after.
moon worshiper 8 months ago
Fanperson 8 months ago
I watched you because of the goddess of the sea
hogdog 9 months ago
Great work
hogdog 9 months ago
Great work
BloodKnight5895 9 months ago
what spurred the watch is that i am a helpless romantic and i love a good romance story.
Metal Renamon 10 months ago
Thanks for da watch <3
BlackRose_Shana 1 year ago
hi n__n thanks for the watch, I appreciate it alot. Hope you keep enjoying my art!