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Been serious about writing since 2002.

Published works as Tagenar include:

Jake's List (Sample chapter) -- from Furplanet. A story about a bodybuilder rottweiler who's lived his life believing he's straight, until something happens which forces him to question if he is the person he always assumed he was.

kindle version now available:

Exposure -- from Furplanet. A lynx named Gale keeps getting exposed to various musclefurs.

species Red Fox
gender male
loves Instrumental, Muscle, hyper likes Ambient, Canine, Character Development tolerates Digimon, femboy hates Chubby, fatfur, pokemon
22 submissions 65,248 page views 820 comments received 397 comments posted 16,925 profile views
Latest Journal posted 28 Mar 2014

So I just saw this:

the new Ninja Turtles movie looks... creepy.  Michael Bay's turtles are horrifyingly ugly.  They're like The Next Mutation version of the turtles, but taller.  And uglier.  Really ugly.  I've seen furry artists come up with better badass looks for them.

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Spelunker Sal 3 months ago
Buh. I thought I was watching you this whole time. But I was wrong...

Dead wrong. :I

I'll need to catch up on your stuff. Always liked your work. 'Dat Jake's List. <3
Tagenar 3 months ago
good to know you're still watching, thanks :-)
jimmywolf 11 months ago
Hi! I'm watching you because I just finished reading your book, Jake's List. Fun story! I also love the origin of how the story came about. Look forward to seeing the rest of your work.
Tagenar 11 months ago
Thanks for reading! I'm trying to get new material out there. Hopefully soon!
Lord Rose Thorn 1 year ago
Welcome anytime dude.
valereth 2 years ago
You were all in the wrong, and common fucking sense would have solved ALL of this. Using common sense would have gone something like "Hey. There are people I do not know here. Maybe they will not like this kind of stuff. I should avoid talking about it until I know for sure." Common sense and human fucking decency. Use them.
Tbohn 3 years ago
Thank you for the fave!
Takoda 3 years ago
Congrats on getting first place in the story contest! Well deserved! ^.^
Tbohn 3 years ago
Congratulations on winning! I seriously think I just had a squee-gasm.
invisibleBear 3 years ago
Big fan of "Jake's Boyfriends" series!
JA Red Wolf 4 years ago
Is that the Tubular Bells mark? Well if so...GOOD CHOICE! Though I only like the first song because it reminds me of "The Exorcist." My most favorite comedy flick! (Well I find it comical! Lol!)
Tagenar 4 years ago
Yes, it is :-) Happy you recognized it. I'm a Mike Oldfield fan, that's why. I saw the Exorcist, and I'm sure for its time it was a horrifying movie, but horror movies today have raised expectations. Mike's done way more than Tubular Bells though.
JA Red Wolf 4 years ago
I thought so! Well to understand why I find the Exorcist comical is because my friends and I got heavily involved with devil worship and we never experienced anything like on the Exorcist. We were just very stupid teens! *shrugs* I got tubular bells on my iTunes and I listen to it every so often...I think I'll play it now! lol! Take care and have good day Tagenar!
runtt 4 years ago
Thanks for watchin'! >"^_^"