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Latest Journal posted 25 Sep 2012

...So, I just got an email about my pageviews... And I realised that this place has almost as many pageviews as my FA. I didn't realise this place was visited so much.

I'll spend some time in a few minutes starting to upload my recent art, to make sure this gallery has all my newer work. Didn't know you guys cared so much, here, haha... Expect more, newer art from me in a few minutes! 

BigBrother333 4 months ago
nice art work ;3
k9k 4 years ago
wuv your work
Luvythicus 4 years ago
Thank you! x3
StickDragon 5 years ago
Lol wow your here too! XD

If you guess who this is you'll get a treat. :3
Luvythicus 5 years ago
Lol, so you're on here too, hm? xD
StickDragon 5 years ago
Im everywhere. XD
TerdBurgler 5 years ago
Welcome to Yiffstar! You've got some superb work. I look forward to seeing the rest as you upload it!