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About Fukano
My Fursona.
I have long emerald green fur
Ice blue eyes with black slits
I have a slight overbite characteristic of Dragons
On each side of the muzzle I have one baleen of a good 20 cm
My horns are similar to those of antelopes, only about half as long and twice as wide at base
I have a pink colored manefur running from my forehead to the tip of my tail right through the middle inbetween my horns.
Claws, fangs and horns are ivory white
The fur on the insides of my wing membranes is moss green
Spread my wings 1 / 3 are taller than I am high.
At the footpaws I have 3 toes and claws on the hand 5 fingers
I'm wearing beige knee length pants with a black belt with a black belt bag attached to it . In addition I have a matching colored backpack with black straps.
species Fur Dragon
gender male
loves Alligator, Anaconda, Anal likes 69, 420, Abuse tolerates Albino, Amphibian, Angel hates Insect, Swimsuit, android
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Latest Journal posted 14 Jun 2010

Hey furrs i search help. Know every where Furrys in Hamilton Canada? When yes please tell it me.

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I am glad that you enjoyed the mare.
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