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Latest Journal posted 01 Apr 2014

Paraphrasing here but "Your male character is obviously female because we see a side boob in this image."


Yes, the only reason he should be disqualified as being male is that you see the side of his chest as he's bending over to slip out of his kilt.

This only rivals the, "They have similar markings so this must be incest."

God forbid you actually do any research on the characters.

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SMWolf 8 hours ago
Thanks for another Faves! I may drop a couple more "photos" of Nisa on SF.
SMWolf 1 week ago
Thanks for the Fave!
OneHotWolfie 1 month ago
...and *counts paws*...thanks for 7 more +faves! Most kind! :)
hyenafur 1 month ago
Really enjoying your art.
OneHotWolfie 1 month ago
Thanks for +watching and +faving me here too!
hyenafur 1 month ago
You're very welcome. :3
Samadhir 1 month ago
Thanks for the fave!
KateTheMarten 1 month ago
Thanks for the watch! :D
hyenafur 1 month ago
You're very welcome :3
RiviaGreen 1 month ago
thanks for the watch!
Gritou 1 month ago
Thanks for the watch and all the faves, it's appreciated =)
Smexy Oryx 1 month ago
lololololol, thank you for watching X)
hyenafur 1 month ago
You're welcome.
deerdigger 1 month ago