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About MJTF
species Dragon
gender male from Auckland, New Zealand
loves Chocolate, Dinosaur, Domination/Submission likes Cetacean, Cock Growth, Forcedshifting tolerates Cock Transformation, Hyperphallic, Impregnation hates Chemical Use, F/F, F/F/F
1 submissions 2,960 page views 14 comments received 73 comments posted 17,015 profile views
groups   All Male Gayness
  New Zealand Furs
  Dragon Males

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IV - Adagio
by MJTF    2 years ago    


Celzic 2 weeks ago
Bitch, you never say hello D;
MJTF 2 weeks ago
I'm barely ever on :(
Hello! :P
zhaek 3 weeks ago
Greg Striata 2 months ago
oh hai.
MJTF 2 months ago
Aetius 4 months ago
Hey, thanks for the watch dude!
wales19 4 months ago
thanks for inventing AD:JL Group on this website for all theses years :D just noticed the member list and seeing you the admin of it etc.
Greaver 10 months ago
And the watch xD
Greaver 10 months ago
Thanks for the fave :)
Mordecai 1 year ago
Ultra-Admin, Site Developer!!

I have a problem :) you should come check it out or skype me :3
snicklefritz 1 year ago
Woah, thanks for the fave!
Chris Mercury 1 year ago
Hey, just wanted to leave a huge, enourmous 'Thank-you!!' for the relentless work you put into all of this! So... THANK YOU! icon_razz.gif