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About Daigo Rosewolf
20 yrs
Occupation: College Student

Favorite species (anthro and non-anthro): Canines ( Wolfs, foxes, dingos, coyotes, Dogs Huskies, Dobermans, Rottweilers, German shepherds, Labs, Lab Retrievers, Akita's Dalmatians)
Felines: (Tigers, Panthers, Cougars, Jaguars, leopards, cheetahs.)

Hobbies: Karate, Collecting art and Stories(gay)
Likes: Martial Arts, all types of music, Action movies, Chatting online
Dislikes: discussing politics, racism, sexists, abuse (Child, or other wise)

Favorite foods: Chinese, Italian, Seafood, Steak, ice cream,
Favorite Games: Ninja Gaiden, Dead or Alive, Tenchu
Favorite movies: The matrix, Underworld, AeonFlux, Constantine

Personal note: I love to chat with people and like hearing opinions and ideas. I like to give people my advise, I am currently open and looking for a permenant mate. I live in Clarkston Washington. I am looking for some one who is at least 18-24 years old, male (of course) caucasian, Italian, Australian, New Zeland, English, or American. I like a person who is caring, compassionate, humorous, and kind.
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Animus' Story part 1
by Daigo Rose...    3 years ago    

Latest Journal posted 05 Mar 2011

Hi there everyone, I know I haven't been on here lately but been moving around and finally have settled back in my birthplace. Bremerton, WA in Kitsap county and I could not be more happy ^^


Anyways, I don't have a lot of money right now and my art skills are quite pathetic in my eyes so I am hoping that those who are in search of a writer for a story or poetry that can draw or can have an artist do a pic in exchange for a story or poem would be willing to make a deal. I shall be posting some new stories on here so you can see where I stand. It is true I can always improve my skills but those who I have done work for so far seem very satisfied with the results. Please feel free to send me a PM and we can discuss the details.

Thanks so much ^^

Daigo Rosewolf


firefromheaven 9 months ago
Thanks for the favorite on "In My Wildest Dreams Part 1 Junior High".

Thanks for watching!!!!

I hope you give some of my other stories a read. Comments and favorites are always appreciated. Come join us in the comments section of my stories, we have a lot of fun there.
Daigo Rosewolf 9 months ago
Most definitely, hope your character gets a chance with that hot dobbie coach in the other stories ;)
firefromheaven 9 months ago
I guess you will have to wait and see... The story isn't finished yet.

But I also have 2 other series and 3 short stories that have been very popular too.
Daigo Rosewolf 9 months ago
Well I will look into those, MURR Dobermans are so hot *Wiggles tail*
firefromheaven 9 months ago
If you like Dobies most of my stories have them. In Reverse Cowboy (, Linkin Monroe makes an appearance as the Marshall and bones the hell out of the main character. In The Initiate ( there are triplet Doberman High School football players. In Pittsburghese ( the main character is a Dobie.
kaleemmcintyre 1 year ago
Excellent actually. I'm drawing now! Most of my drawing are traditional and on FA: :3 How about you? Staying warm?
Daigo Rosewolf 1 year ago
managing ^^
kaleemmcintyre 1 year ago
Good luck with that. :3
kaleemmcintyre 1 year ago
Good things are worth waiting for. <3
kaleemmcintyre 1 year ago
Nice to hear from back from you. Looking forward to your next story.
kaleemmcintyre 1 year ago
Just wondering if you were still around!
Daigo Rosewolf 4 years ago
Hey there everyone ;p Just wanted to know what you all thought of my new fursona ;p The artist is Duo Radon *Two thumbs up* And thanks to the help of my best friend Chris-no-baka, I finally have it put up (Thanks so much Chris <3 ) *Kisses and snuggles*
nathanwolf 5 years ago
thnx for alll the favs and the watch
Daigo Rosewolf 5 years ago
No prob. I love your stories, and I would love to be included in a story with you and Linkin Doberman ;P
nathanwolf 5 years ago
thnx for the fav hope i can get a watch too ^^
Unorthodox Romeo 5 years ago
Hey! Thanks for the comment! Glad you liked it! Any ideas you have just throw 'em at me!
Daigo Rosewolf 5 years ago
Anyone know of Luka (from clubzeroblue), well I just got off a site where a couple of assholes were chewing his ass off for him warning them about violating copyrights with his work. They also were criticizing him on turning his site into a paysite. I sure as hell gave those two troublemakers a piece of my mind. Lukas one hell of a artist and a really cool Dude, those who think different should keep it to themselves.