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About Sokatak

Hey guys! Thanks for checking out my page! I have been around the SF block for a very long time and besides RP I read a -lot- of stories!

Sokatak: A large anthro Tiger with black fur and white stripes. You can typically find him wearing his red gym shorts and a tight black t-shirt. If he isn't getting back from the gym he is normally just wearing a pair of jeans and a tight shirt or lounging around in a pair of simple black briefs. He does wear shoes once in a while but prefers keeping them off to allow his paws to air out. The big tiger spends his time at the gym, studying and relaxing when ever he can. He is a super friendly Canadian tiger who you can walk up to with no issues! Don't push yourself onto him too much even if you want to. He prefers to get to know the people interested in 'playing' around first before doing so.


The person behind the fur

Hmm, to give a quick summery of myself; i'm 19 and currently living in Victoria, BC, Canada. I'm enrolled at the University of Victoria and studying psychology ^^

I personally find myself to be really a mix of introverted and extroverted at the same time. I think i lean more towards the extroverted side once i get to know someone and can be pretty outgoing.

I love learning about things, in my eyes the more you know the bette r. I love gaming, and always will be a PC gamer. I used to play competitive call of duty 4 promod and now play Counter Strike: Global Offence and assorted other games when i'm not doing homework.

I enjoy working out and doing parkour a lot. I eat very healthy and regularly go to the gym on campus although, i don't workout to become "huge" more so to stay toned and strong / healthy.

Well, yeah I don't have much to say but if you'd like to talk to me more send me a shout or note and we can work something out!

species Tiger (Feel free to PM/whisper about RP's.)
gender male from Victoria, Canada
loves Anatomically Correct, Anthro, Arctic Wolf likes Action, Doberman, Dream tolerates Angst, Dishonesty, Humiliation hates Dutch Language, French Language, German Language
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Meical 1 month ago
Thanks for the fav.
TylerZ 2 months ago
Thnx for the rave and watch , much appreciated. Glad u enjoyed it ^^
Jon Sanders 3 months ago
Hello friend tiger! Thanks for the fave of "Roommating"! \m/
firefromheaven 4 months ago
Thanks for the favorite on The Trophy Wife!

Hopefully you'll give some of my other stories a try.
Sokatak 4 months ago
Trust me, i've been reading your stories since they came out. ;p
firefromheaven 4 months ago
I know, I remember you being one of the ones to comment on The Hunt Is On when it came out 4 years ago.
Sokatak 4 months ago
Haha yeah, I use SF everynight and keep up to date with all my watchers stories. However, because I tend to read said stories from my phone, I only favorite but don't comment often!

Solarian 4 months ago
Hey there! Just wanted to say you've got quite a nice profile here.
TylerZ 4 months ago
thnx for the fave , much appreciated ^^. thnx for reading, glad you enjoyed it ^^
BobbyTigre 4 months ago
thanks for watch here :3
Sokatak 4 months ago
Yeah no problem!
kaleemmcintyre 4 months ago
Thank you for the kind words. They really made my day.
Sokatak 4 months ago
I'm glad! Thank you so much for the memories and fantastic reads!
Oside 5 months ago
Thanks for everything, I did creep around your page if you don't mind. icon_redface.gif
Sokatak 5 months ago
You should check out my FA page (same name) i'm on there much, much more frequently. I visit SF often as well however it's primarily just for reading.
Meraence 10 months ago
Thank you for fave! ;3