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If anyone who reads my stories wants to use one or more of my characters in an art piece or a story feel free to ask me by PM.
Most of the time I'm more then happy to lend my characters out.

A big thank you to AlientKnight for "The Escape" banner and another thank you to Denton for drawing the original picture of the characters.

"Liberation" banner was made by Justin Moore and the original picture of the characters was drawn by teardropandmagnum.

My views on SoFurry

So far SF 2.0 is a step up from 1.0.



species Some kind of canine, most likely a Rough collie. That's the animal I share the most in common with.
gender male
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Latest Journal posted 25 Jan 2014

It has been five years since I first joined Yiffstar and it has been on hell of a ride.

No cake but a few collie pictures and a collie story I'm working on.

Here's hopefully to another five years

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Health spa, a Tina story
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