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I'm an electrical engineer out of a tiny town in Southern California about 2.5 hours NE of LA. I used to draw a lot, but I don't find time or motivation for it any longer really. I started to dabble with photography in October 2010. I am REALLY enjoying it, so expect to see a lot of it from me! I do use my scraps, so don't forget to check those out. I skateboard when I have some place to skate (not very often around here). I'm an avid snowboarder, even if I can't ride like I used to (too old and out of practice now). I used to be a professional gamer. I'm pretty competitive and have competed in some way with just about everything I've ever taken seriously. I'm only a furry by technical default, as I actually consider myself a dragonkin. There are no pictures of my form or whatever, but I have combined a set of pictures and descriptions (link above). I'm an audiophile and LOOOOVE music but also love to make the music sound perfect. I like to work out. I'm also bi...not that that means much, nor should it =P

<3 My sis <3
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I miss you so much Athus. You were a cornerstone of my life for 10 years. My closest friend, and often more. Please wait for me.
The world is less without you Panda. You will be missed!
species Western Dragonkin
gender male from Southern California, USA
loves Balls, Hypnosis, Mind Control likes Food, Pheromones, Tentacles tolerates BDSM, Muscle hates baby, hyper
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Latest Journal posted 15 Feb 2012

A lot of the photos uploaded here have been in the full, unshrunk dimensions. It is REALLY difficult to appreciate even an amazing picture when it is at 9999999 x 99999999 pixels. Even the best pictures look like crap at their full size. Nevermind image load time and server space. SoFurry even offers a separate submission option that allows you to upload your full sized photograph for printing purposes (icon/avatar/preview size, full size, and standard web viewing size). I recommend people take advantage of that.

Most editing software, I beleive even Microsoft Paint, can scale down an image. Gimp is a freeware program that is almost as capable as Photoshop and competely free (though not available for Mac or Linux), and I know that it is capable of resizing images. If you have Photoshop go to EDIT > IMAGE SIZE (or just hit ctrl+i or cmd+i). You can then resize down using percent or pixels. The dimensions are linked, so if you change the height to "x" pixels, the width will automatically adjust to ...

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SarahGrey 1 year ago
Thank you for the watch :)
Risenwolf 1 year ago
Additionally my parents dont know im a furry :P so its probably better to keep anything about sofurry on the down low XD
Risenwolf 1 year ago
I would love to but i would like to see some of your work first eventually in the near future im planning on going to New York to do a photo shoot so i might be able to around that time detour to DC for a day or two
Achelladuega 1 year ago
Thanx for the fav.
Licantrox 1 year ago
Hey, thanks for the watch! I'm glad you like my art :3
StephenRane 1 year ago
I love your photos. I'm an amateur and still trying to develop my skills.
Thorn Blackbriar 1 year ago
Thanks for the fave and vote.
Sonder 1 year ago
Just gotta say, you take some amazing shots. I hope to become as good as you. :3 Keep up the great work!
Pythos 1 year ago
Thanks for the fave!
Vibrant Snow 2 years ago
Thanks for the fav :3