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"I hear there is a casino (Fur fandom) in Venturas (internet) that is just like the rest of the world (real life), only with better toilets (escapism), & full of morons (Furries); like you (self-explanatory)!"
gender male
loves 69, Adventure, Anal likes 3D, Abduction, Abuse tolerates Androgynous hates Bisexual, Censored, Cunt Boy
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OutsiderMan 1 year ago
Why is your newer stuff censored?
Hudson 2 years ago
Thanks for watching!
Devon Bearcoon 2 years ago
Please tell me that you take commissions?! :O I love your style.
Roureem 3 years ago
Heh, I should watch you over here too, huh?
Melfyoris 3 years ago
Mmm, only if ya wanna, of course.