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About Shadow Whitton
Hello! ^_^
Here is a description of me and my... Things... And stuff... And... *sighs* just read.
Sex: Male
Age: 19
Mate: None
Sexuality: Bisexual
Style of Media: Writing
Pets: None, I wanna ferret
Location: CANADA!!!
School: You'll never guess!
Studying: Policing and Corrections
Work: Walmart....(yet again -_-)
Friends: Enough.....
Music: The musical kind
Style: Existant
Piercings: None.
Tattoos: None... So far.
Family: Try to avoid
TV: Cartoons, and other useless junk
Language: English
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Medium/Brown
Height: 6'3"
Weight : 160-ish
Birthday: November 12th
Religion: Athist
Smoke: Never
Drink: On an occasion
Decendant: Scotland.
Species: Wolf
Hight: 6' / (feral: 3')
Pedalism: Anthro (2 legs) / Feral (4 legs)
Tail: 3.5 feet long
Fur color: Grey
eye color: Blue
Tummy color: Light grey
The rest you must learn on your own.
species Wolf
gender male
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by Shadow Whi...    3 years ago    


HornyBunny 3 years ago
thanks for the watch.
Dragon Ell 3 years ago
Glad you liked it and thanks for the watch.
Shadow Whitton 3 years ago
Not a problem.
kingmajin 4 years ago
hi, dude
Shadow Whitton 4 years ago
Hello, bro.
kingmajin 4 years ago
what's up?
Shadow Whitton 4 years ago
You have no idea...
kingmajin 4 years ago
why don't you tell me?
Shadow Whitton 4 years ago
I guessI'm not doing anything.
kingmajin 4 years ago
oh. well, if you say so
Shadow Whitton 4 years ago
kingmajin 4 years ago
*hugs you back*
kingmajin 4 years ago
hi hi, yourself, cutie. lol.
Shadow Whitton 4 years ago
Heya, cutie doggy.
Damikun 5 years ago
Thankies for the fave <3
Shadow Whitton 5 years ago
No problem at all, Its a good story.
CodyDreamPuppy 5 years ago
Thank you for your nice comments on my story :)
Shadow Whitton 5 years ago
not a problem, i'm acctually reading it again right now.
draken z 5 years ago
Thanks for the fave ^_^
Shadow Whitton 5 years ago
no problem, ts a good song.
Dragon of lore 5 years ago
Thanks for the watch. I just started writing my stories yesterday. Its been bouncing around in my head for a while. Just posted the 3rd chapter today so when it gets apporved it will be up to read.
Shadow Whitton 5 years ago
ok, i can't wait, i just read the first one, and i liked it, i'm just going to finish the other series i'm reading then its on to you. My god i'm giddy
thanks for the watch. I'm glad that you enjoy my work.
Shadow Whitton 5 years ago
well, its good work
Shadow Whitton 5 years ago
np, you deserve it, congrats on being the first