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About Kana
Hi there!

My name is Kana and I live in the little country called Austria.

I'm a male Black Anthro Tiger with }yellow stripes{ wich got the ability to glow.
This gets triggered by emotional reaction to certain circumstances.
The body starts to produce a substance that gets into the blood circulation and reacts with receptors of my stripes.

My dragonish aspects are a way to carry out my bond to my inner dragon, it's a spiritual thing I care about.
If you want to know more about me, feel free to ask.

I'm mated to avatar?user=12647&character=0&clevel=0 Shad0w for a few years already and we are living together in Linz
Check out his Gallery, he has a super cute Fursuit <3

I cant really draw, so I'm just an art whore and let draw
So most things you will see in my gallery are pics of my character or other stupid stuff.
But I do write short stories and comics and thats maybe also stuff you will see here.

Im very open minded and really enjoy to get to know new people via messenger or notes.
Also english conversations are no problem and I also really like to skype with people I already know a little bit.

Mostly I'm a gamer, I play a lot on the PC, but also got an PS3 and Xbox360 standing around here.
I also like to read good books, watch movies and enjoy mangas and animes.

I do really enjoy Music.
I'm mostly an Electro-Head, but I also listen to rock, pop and hiphop as well.
But EDM is what I preferably play on my DJ Sets.

avatar?user=4305&character=0&clevel=0 ulbrek Never met someone as awesome as him on FA before
avatar?user=54127&character=0&clevel=0 Hufnaar awesome artist, really cool and funny guy CHECK HIS GALLERY
avatar?user=320250&character=0&clevel=0 Nahro DJ Bro, awesome guy, music producer, Fursuit Builder, LoL Nerd, guitarist, Furdance organisator and Brennfuchs. Sheesh.. this guy DOES EVERYTHING!
Warsawfurs: Visited Warsaw in 2013 and had a Blast!

Im on Twitter

Attending List:

Furdance Graz 2014: YES [DJ]
Zodiacon 2014: DEFINITELY NOT
CesFur 2014: YES [DJ]
Cologne Furdance Spring 2014: PROBABLY NOT
Eurofurence 2014: PROBABLY NOT
Futerkon 2014: PROBABLY NOT
Cologne Furdance Winter 2014: PROBABLY NOT



PS3ID: Ultrakana
Xbox Live: UltraKana
SteamID: kanabua
species Tiger
gender male from Linz, Austria
97 submissions 76,773 page views 565 comments received 394 comments posted 25,812 profile views
groups   Heathen City
  All Male Gayness

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Latest Journal posted 28 Dec 2012

I got so many watches this year... and woo... I didnt thank everybody like I'm normaly used to >_< Sorry for that and a thanks for that, if you didnt get a Thank you in your Shoutbox from me ^_^


Also wanna wish everbody a happy new year and hope you got a nice christmas time with whoever you preffered to spend it with :3


I had some nice time with my family and oh boy.. they gave me the best present ever.

The got me a selfmade Fursuit Head/Mask and Tail of my Character.. I was so surprised and stunned by this act D=

So yeah, gonna up a Pic of it maybe :)



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Rez_Rex 1 month ago
Thanks a lot for the watch! :)
Io 3 months ago
May you & yours have a Merry Christmas & the best wishes of this coming New Year! XP
Kana 3 months ago
THanks Io and same to you! *hugs*
Io 3 months ago
*Hugs Back & pokes Kana tummy* XP
Kana 3 months ago
Nononono! I didnt get "fat" for christmas xP *nibbles your ear*
wolftwins17 3 months ago
I really like your style, bud, good color combination! icon_razz.gif Greetings from a fellow tiger!
Kana 3 months ago
Thank you =3
wolftwins17 3 months ago
No problems! :3
EbonySilver 4 months ago
ya been pretty submissive lately in your pictures guess getting an itch that needs to be scratched
Kana 4 months ago
Mhhhmm *nods* ^//^
EbonySilver 4 months ago
>;3 panther lion an a panther dragon always open to help fellow feline reach thoses itches
Kana 4 months ago
If they wouldn't life across that huge pond eh? :P
EbonySilver 4 months ago
huh i dont understand what you ment
Io 6 months ago
*Hugs from the back & woofs in your ear* XP
Kana 6 months ago
*meeps and purrs* Hey there *tries to lick your snout*
Io 6 months ago
*Hugs tighter & nuzzles from the side* ^_^
Kana 6 months ago
*mrrrfs and nuzzles back* ^//^
Tiger37 11 months ago
Hihave not heard from you in a while my friend. Hope you are doing well.
Kana 11 months ago
Hey :) Thanks im pretty ok, what about you? :3
Toumal 11 months ago
*gropes stripey butt*
Kana 11 months ago
*yikes* hey you... *purrrs*
Io 1 year ago
HOWLS! *Pounce, Hugs, Licks & Nuzzles* just passing by hope your fine, take care! XP
Kana 1 year ago
Hey hey :3 *hugs back and nuzzles* Yep, I'm mostly ^_^ Hope you are good also?
D@rkY 1 year ago
ive been to Austria, beautiful place
ilovepink6415 1 year ago
O.o nice avie! (I dont have any pics of my fursona up on Sofurry) My avie is a black and neon blue tiger >w<