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I'm a commissioner of hypnosis art, and often the tenacious chatter. :) I love seeing hypnosis stories and art around too! :O Especially ones with scalies, avians...bats...uh...dragons... dinosaurs... all that stuff. <:

In real life I'm currently an undergraduate researcher who's preparing to go to graduate school for a couple of years in Public Health before applying for medical school. I do research work revolving around the incidence of hypertension in prematurely born babies. It's a nice job that I get paid for and keeps me somewhat busy... though I still find lots of time to play video games and such.
species Egyptian Cobra or Plain ol' Dragon.
gender male
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Latest Journal posted 26 Dec 2013

Hrmm. o: started looking at MTG dragons for hypnotizing and whatnot! Anyone have any suggestions and picture links? <:

In a big quadruped/beastial dragon mood so expect many to be hypnotized! 8D

Otherwise, break from classes but not from work. Now I get to collect new kinds of samples for research! Yay!


Neptune 3 months ago
You commission some great stuff! Keep up the good work :3

*hugs and gives you a paw full of walnuts* =3
Niven_Spikybutt 3 months ago
Pretty sure you're the one who got me into this hypnosis thing. owo
scarletfurry223 5 months ago
Do you rp?
ZsisronDarkwater 4 months ago
I do not.
scarletfurry223 4 months ago
SigmaWeapon 5 months ago
Susceptible to Sorcery is finished! Why don't you upload the rest of it to SoFurry?!
Raventalons 6 months ago
love your style of art
orcalover91 8 months ago
Hey you have my last name.. Might we be related? lol
The-Last-Dragon-knight 8 months ago
I love your dragons :)
Surasshu 1 year ago
Will you make a new Contest this year?
ZsisronDarkwater 4 months ago
I probably shoulda answered this months ago but... I will not. :) I'm busy with school and RL stuff so I don't think I'll do the contest again... and if I do it won't be for some time.
SkyWing 1 year ago
My god, I can't get enough of all of you hypnotic artwork and excellent stories with them. I just love watching them getting zonked and taken advantage of.
Io 1 year ago
Wishing you & yours the best of the holidays
Merry Christmas! *Hugs, Nuzzles & Licks* ^__^