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Name: Raventhan Vaeltaya
Form: Feral, but can change to anthro anytime ^.=.^
Race: Western Dragon
Gender: Male

species Western Dragon
gender male from Warsaw
loves 69, Anal, Anatomically Correct likes Ambient, Anthro, Autofellatio tolerates Chemical Use, Cock Growth, Crossdressing hates Anal vore, Babyfur, Cock Transformation
52 submissions 37,815 page views 374 comments received 187 comments posted 5,639 profile views
groups   All Male Gayness
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Latest Journal posted 23 Feb 2013

I know that in the last time I wasn't much active, almost at all, I'm sorry for that -  I had exams time at the university and didn't have much free time. Fortunately it's over, I've passed all exams, new semester has begun so I will have more time back again ^^



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FoxxyKattFur 2 years ago
Of course. :3
DragonTear 2 years ago
No prob =D
DracoPuer 2 years ago
Thanks for the watch bro ^.=.^
Raf-eReM 4 years ago
Od ostatniego czasu gdy tu by?em yiffstar zmieni? si? totalnie >.>
Kavi 5 years ago
Thanks for the fav on the snow leopard cub.
Spyro15 5 years ago
no problem^^ you 're welcome^^
Raf-eReM 5 years ago
;> Thanks :*
nameless762 5 years ago
please upload your pics (exept for the no-yiff one) at rule34.paheal.net
nameless762 5 years ago
no problem