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Red Back Dragon wrote:
       need to have a vent and seeing as its vehicle related here it is

i am sick to dang death of coping crud from furs sometimes even older than me about my Vehicle , they own V8s or modified rubish Subarus and the such or shitty little sedans and toy utes made to pick up chicks not work gear and the like and they are allways making fun of my 4x4 - IT AINT slow its just diesel it will go 120KPH up a 45 degree angle if i want it to and tow 10T while doing it - IT aint expensive i own my Landcrusier outright and pay for all its services parts fuel and taxes myself my self unlike certain mommas boys  and lastly IT AINT A PIECE OF SHIT -MY HJ61 Landcrusier is a extremely well maintained example of the legendary INVINCIBLE Toyota engineering of the 70s and 80s and shows why toyota is the Leading manufacturer that it is today i not just think , i KNOW its an excellent 4x4 and i wouldn't drive anything else because it has the Power and ability to go wher...

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besonik 3 months ago
Thank you very much for the watch ^.^
Hans Underpaw 4 months ago
* drops some shiny stuff around your place*
Red Back Dragon 4 months ago
ooooooh shinys
Mr.Ryan 5 months ago
message me and ill add ya ^_^
setherin the gryph 7 months ago
Sorry for the very...late response...but thank you! ^.=.^ (for the shout comment)
Mag and Kane 11 months ago
Found ya
Foxtrot Apocalyptia 1 year ago
*leaves fish and chips on your profile ...with scraps, and generous amounts of salt and vinegar and a deep fried mars bar for pudding*
Red Back Dragon 1 year ago
you know i have never had deep friend mars bar haha i hear that americans are keen on it
Foxtrot Apocalyptia 1 year ago
Really? Its a scottish invention, as far as I know. Though most places have stopped over here now, cause Mars told them if their going to deep fry a mars bar, they have to put a disclaimer that "This is not a product of mars" because its some 2,500 calories
Red Back Dragon 1 year ago
ahh well that explains why we dont have it here then haha
BJStarphoenix 1 year ago
Happy christmas Red!!
Phantomgraph 1 year ago
Pppppfffffhhhhhttt .. (Dragon raspberry with extra slobber) ;p
Red Back Dragon 1 year ago
haha, sorry i havent been able too pm you , i only have acess on my sisters old i-pad
Phantomgraph 1 year ago
Eww.. iPad. Sorry about that. Well better than nothing I guess :)
Rega256 1 year ago
thanks for the watch icon_biggrin.gif