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Loves role playing, science fiction & fantasy species Bat

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Latest Journal posted 17 Mar 2014

I has reading my mail tonight and I saw that some idiots want to revive SOPA act again(!?) And against fan-produced material on all the things, guys any copyrighted material is worth protecting, and when I have money I go to the store and buy a Black Metal CD as a way to give thanks to my favorite bands, but fan based material about some cartoon characters that most people barely remembers. Come on! Destroy this portion of SOPA Sign up at !

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Morghus 1 year ago
I absolutely love your icon! It's one of the best fruit bat pictures and also one of my favorite bat species :)
Hacken 1 year ago
You surely can, M/M would be more the thing, I think. I'm glad you liked it, there's more to come.
AlistarBlackfang 1 year ago
Thanks for the comment ^.^
Shazuan 1 year ago
Thankya :>
Cearulwolf 2 years ago
Thanks for commenting on my pic!
Simon Tracer 2 years ago
I too love RPing Sci fi, and Fantasy
Xorik 2 years ago
Ooh! A fellow bat... Hia ^_^
BlackwingDragon 3 years ago
Centor 4 years ago
Thank you for that interesting comment on my picture.
catfkr 6 years ago
Thanks for the comment :o)