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Just FYI, I really feel honored getting friend requests but I will only accept friend requests by people that I know. BUT feel free to send me a PM or add me on a messenger of your choice (So glad that MSN goes the way of the dodo...) if you wanna get to know me better. And please be no creeper. Thanks:)

Well, who am I? I'm Goddy, short for Godracos, your mostly friendly neighborhood black and red Dragon, a Twilight Dragon to be exact. You may remember me from certain commissions in more or less delicate positions and poses or from some community work here on the site.

I'm living in Vienna, Austria - you know, that little country south from Germany where Schnitzel comes from -, originally from Italy, but born and raised in Germany. Besides me being a little nerd in general and my interests for media and technologies like smartphones, video games and computer stuff, I love to watch movies and series (including anime) of various genres.

I'm in the furry fandom since 2001. After a friend introduced me to furry art, I began to visit various IRC channels, furry-related Yahoo groups and was a regular visitor of a few Furnation sites before community sites arose. From there on I found my way into the fandom and got to know a bunch of furs.

I'm in general a pretty laid-back and nice guy who can get pissed off rather quickly by stupid and annoying behavior but besides that I really like to communicate with folks all over the world :)

If you wanna contact me, feel free to message me via PM or have a look at my plethora of instant messengers that are available. I'm also the contest guy™ here on SoFurry. If you should have any problems with the site just poke me - after you tried to find out if your problem really isn't solvable in any other way ;)

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Latest Journal posted 17 Sep 2013

Yepp, it's my birthday, I'm 27 now.

I got some new skill points but I still don't know what to skill, yet *puts at least one point in laziness* >_>

Take some cake and enjoy yourself - or somebody else! 


artdecade 1 month ago
hey, thanks for the kind comments! :)
Goddy 1 month ago
You are very welcome! :)
libran furrheart 6 months ago
I would like to judge the sci do contest
AMWULF 11 months ago
<3<3 ^__________^
Lizeron 11 months ago
Hellooooow :3!
DJGoo 11 months ago
O____O *watches da dwaggin*
hazardbwb 11 months ago
Kino Jaggernov 1 year ago
well well well, thanks for the watch, deres, meestor. Might have some stuff right up your alley posted soon!
Grush 1 year ago
I saw! And i like her, but the DLC is such bullshit! Spoiler Alert! It angers me how bad Bioware is doing everything while trying to fix it x_x
Ykoriana 1 year ago
Thank you for the favs!